Avoid These Costly Beginner Facebook Ad Mistakes And Kickstart Your Online Business Growth

Are you tired of spending money on Facebook ads that don’t bring you the results you want? You’re not alone! Many beginners make the same mistakes that end up costing them both time and money. 


Well, in this video, I’ll share with you the top 3 beginner mistakes you MUST avoid to kickstart your online business growth today!


Step 1: Broad targeting is key! Forget what you’ve heard about narrow targeting. Today’s Facebook ad strategy is all about broad targeting. Give Facebook’s AI a larger pool of people to pick from, and you’ll get better results.


Step 2: Experiment with multiple ad variations! Don’t limit yourself to just one ad when launching a campaign. Instead, create 3-4 ad variations for each Ad set. I like 2 copy variations and 2 image variations to start with.


Step 3: Choose the right ad objective! For lead generation, use the conversion objective to drive high-quality leads to your opt-in pages. Avoid using the traffic objective, which will drive low-quality traffic that doesn’t convert.


So there are 3 simple steps to turn your ads around. And remember, it always seems impossible until it’s done, so stay on plan, and let’s get after it today. Oh, and check out my profile for lots more resources to help you on your way.

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