Analyzing a successful ad campaign for a 5-day workshop


This video ad is from Kelly Roach leading into her Scale with Simplicity, 5-Day Workshop.

Some key takeaways:

  • I’m not a fan of the direct callout “For Coaches & Consultants who want….”. This is a lazy approach to copywriting. I prefer a problem/solution or pain/pleasure approach to capture attention in the opening hook of an ad. This can either be in the form of a question, statement, or quote.
  • The hook is specific – 7 figures in 12 months. The more specific your copy, the more interest will be invoked, and the more people will pay attention.
  • Kelly establishes authority quickly. One improvement here is to flip the order of the 2nd paragraph. Put the customers first. People don’t care that Kelly has built an 8 figure business. They want to know if she can help them build a 7 figure business. But they need to know that Kelly has the experience and knowledge to help them do what she is promising.
  • Kelly provokes desire at a good point with a short, easy-to-understand question. Will you be next? Questions are an essential element of Ad copy. Make sure you include, so questions to draw people deeper into the conversation.
  • The “what” of the primary promise is strong. From “Overwhelmed owner-operators to visionary CEOs”.
  • The transformational promise is good but could be improved by making it more specific. For example, what could you see people doing when they have abundance and freedom?
  • The ad rounds out a direct CTA. I prefer using a transformational CTA. Click the link below to scale to 7-figures this year.
  • A big improvement would be to include some information about how they are going to help people achieve the primary promise. What is the offer of the ad?
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