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A break from the prompts for this week. How could we serve up yet another banging ChatGPT prompt when the future of ChatGPT hangs in the balance?

It has been a roller coaster week for Sam Altman, the former and current CEO of OpenAI.

On Friday, 17 November, OpenAI’s board of directors fired Sam, saying he wasn’t candid in his communications with the board.

I don’t think this would have come as a surprise to Sam. 

The funny thing is he seemed to be in control of the situation from the start.

Yes, the board “heaved,” or more specifically, certain members of the board heaved.

But the moves pulled by Sam subsequently have been nothing short of genius.

We have to remember however, Sam is a boy genius. 

At the age of just 29, Sam held the most coveted position in Silicon Valley as President of Y Combinator.

He left Y Combinator in 2019 to cofound OpenAI, a generation-defining company.

Let’s just say there are no flies on Sam!

On Friday, the board announced Sam was fired.

On Sunday, Sam announced he had joined Microsoft.

On Monday, Microsoft publicly offered jobs to all OpenAI employees.

Remember, Microsoft has invested more than $13 Billion in OpenAI.

Sam’s departure, sparked mutiny among the OpenAI team.

On Tuesday, 770 OpenAI employees signed a petition calling for the board’s resignation.

On Wednesday, Sam returns as the CEO with a new board of directors.

Much of the conflict between the old board and Sam was due to the “Non-Profit” nature of OpenAI and the cap on earnings for investors. (Of which many of the board members were!)

Sam is in favor of keeping OpenAI as a non-profit.

With so much upside potential, it strikes me that the old board was not as enthusiastic. Despite them all being multi-deca-millionaires and above.

Just goes to show you that no matter how much money you have, greed can kick in.

What a wild ride!


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