5 Tips For 60% + Landing Page Conversion Rates

If you want to drive your Landing Page Conversion Rates to 60% or above from cold traffic here are 5 tips for success.

One Option and One Option Only

People should only have one decision to make on your Landing Page. Opt-in or leave. Your page has to be focused.

All Information Above the Fold

People need to have all the information they need to opt-in above the fold. They shouldn’t have to scroll to get to the Call To Action. This includes on mobile.

Less Is More

Use subtraction to add to the value of your page. Use 3 words instead of 10. Make it simpler and easier to understand what you are offering. 

Speak In Their Language

While speaking in your voice is important. Using the language and words that your audience uses to describe their challenges, frustrations, goals, and ambitions are even more important.

Test, test, test

You are not going to hit a home run on your first visit to the plate. Testing is essential. Test one element at a time and keep a testing journal to record the test and its result.

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