5 Steps to Scaling Facebook Ad Campaigns Profitably

Scaling successful Facebook ad campaigns profitably is a superpower.


Learn it and your online course or membership business will be unstoppable.


Here are 5 simple steps to profitably scale your ads.


Step 1: Identify winning copy and creative 

Scaling can only come after testing. The more tests you run the stronger you ads.


Step 2: Identify winning audiences

The bigger the better. Broad targeting is working gangbusters. But test a mix of Broad, Lookalike, Retargeting and Interest.


Step 3: Move to Advantage Campaign Budget 

Test in Ad Set Budget and scale with Campaign Budget. You want at least 5 Ad Sets.


Step 4: Use Dynamic Creative Ads

Give Facebook your winning creative and let it decide the best combinations to display to each user.


Step 5: Optimize

Your testing doesn’t stop when scaling. In fact you will find your copy and creative tires faster. Kill the weak and tweak the winners.

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