5 Primary Purchase Objections ChatGPT Prompt


Prompt Objective: 

  • Identify and provide responses to purchase objection 

Prompt Outline:

I want you to act as a direct response marketing and copywriting expert.

My product/membership is {…..}, and it helps people do {….}.

My avatar is {….}

Please identify the 5 primary objections my avatar will have to buying my product/membership.

For each objection, please draft a response. 

Please turn each objection into a reason why they need my product/memebrship by linking it to a goal, dream or ambition they wish to achieve. 

Use a {fun, relaxed, informal} tone. Your response should sound human and pass all AI detection tests. 

Write in the style of {Gary Halbert, David Olgvily, Eugene Schwartz

Please keep each response under 200 words.

Prompt Use Case

  • Offer page copy
  • Launch sequence email copy
  • Launch sequence social posts
  • Social Posts
  • Social Videos


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