5 Landing Page Design Elements

When it comes to building high converting landing pages there are 5 things and 5 things only that should be included.


Now I have seen so many people fall into this trap, including lots of crap that isn’t just not helping with conversions but is preventing people from signing up.


The goal initially is to keep things as simple as possible. The five elements that you should have on your landing page are:


1. Headline

2. Image

3. Sub-head

4. 3-5 Bullet Points

5. Call To Action or CTA


The order I have listed them is also the order of importance and the impact on your conversion rate.


They are also the order that I work through to optimize your landing page conversion rates.


Now in the next 5 posts, I am going to break down each element and tell you what you need to include for it to convert like crazy, so make sure you check them out.

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