Why Your Marketing Needs To Be Repulsive

Bland marketing sucks.


Your job is to repel as many people as you attract. Because if you are trying to please everyone, you will connect with no one.


Jim Edwards, a copywriter, famously said, “Love me or hate me…. There’s no money in the middle”.


Our job is not to serve everyone.


Our job is to find the people we can best serve and get massive results for them. We attract these people by sharing our values, beliefs, and who we are very clear.


People are often afraid to let their personality shine through in their marketing.


Now not alone is this a good thing, but it is essential for profitable lead generation. Not everyone is going to agree with you, not everyone is going to align with your values and beliefs and that is perfect.


You are looking for the people who do align with you. The rest we want to repel.


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