Webinar Opt-in Page Design for Max Conversions

What I love:


  • Great use of space. This page has a lot of content, but it doesn’t feel like it. Using vh100%, Susie uses space to draw attention to the key points.
  • Great use of bold to highlight keywords and phrases. Bold makes the content easy to scan and helps the reader understand the key points. 
  • The subhead gives you everything you need to know about the webinar. The “attract new clients” part is hugely important, as it describes the transformation that having these new skills will help you achieve.


What I’d test:

  • I’m allergic to “skyrocket.” It is overused and, in my mind, lazy, especially in the age of turgent AI copywriting. 
  • The CTA button is lost on the page. I would make it bigger and brighter. To do this, “Overnight Rockstar” could be reduced by 30%. 
  • The header banner is the most valuable area of an opt-in page. Everyone sees it and reads it. There is a lot of wasted real estate there at the moment. I would expand on FREE WORKSHOP to include some of the benefits of attending.


LEADS – Opt-in Page Swipe Files:


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