The Simple 5 Step Model Facebook Ad Pros Don’t Want You To Know

Split Testing is the most valuable skill a Facebook advertiser can develop in 2023.


But 90% of advertisers have no idea how to do it properly.


Here are 5 steps to A/B testing to decrease your Facebook ad costs and increase your online course or membership sales.


Step 1: Identify one strength or weakness in your campaign to test.


Step 2: Decide how you can improve the performance of that element.


Step 3: Implement your improvements and run the old version v’s the new version.


Step 4: Run for a defined period of time. At least 3-7 days and collate the results.


Step 5: Cut the loser and repeat the process for the winner.


Keep doing this for all your ads, landing pages and offers and you are guaranteed success.


Let me know the results of your split tests.

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