The Best Lead Magnet Ideas

People are lazy, they don’t want to have to figure things out. Now as subject matter experts we know that getting results isn’t always easy.


But when it comes to lead magnets, we have to give people what they want to get them to a place where they are ready to take action.


The best lead magnets are ones that break things down into simple quick steps that people can take to start building momentum.


Things like:

The Ultimate Checklist for….

3 Simple Steps to….

5 Mistakes That Even The Smartest (X,Y,Z) make

Your 5 Minute Cheatsheet For (Desired Outcome)

7 Steps To Achieving (Desired Outcome) Without (Primary Pain Point)


We want to increase the Dream Outcome and the likelihood of success while decreasing the time delay and decreasing the effort and sacrifice.

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