The #1 Biggest Killer of Profitable Facebook Ad Campaigns

There is nothing worse. Your campaigns are cranking out leads and sales.


Then all of a sudden, everything stops working.


The cause: 9/10, this is Meta’s way of telling you your ads have fatigued.


Ad fatigue is real, and it’s a constant battle we wage as Facebook advertisers. 


Here are 3 ways to combat ad fatigue.


1: Watch your frequency

If your ads hit a frequency above 2.5 get ready to switch up your copy and creative.


2: Always be testing

You’ll want to run at least one test every week. This is a great way to keep your ads fresh.


3: One is the worst number

One ad, one ad set, one campaign…. Never have just one. This won’t prevent fatigue, but it will limit the financial impact if things go wrong.


Don’t let ad fatigue kill a great campaign. There is nothing you can do after it strikes but plenty you can do to make sure it never happens.

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