Stop The Scroll – 3 Pro Tips for Eye-Catching Facebook Ads

The average person scrolls 424 yards a day on Facebook and Instagram.


I’ve reviewed 1,000+ Facebook ads in the past 3 months.


Here are 3 tips for designing scroll-stopping ads that get clicked.


  1. Stand out in a sea of sameness 


Use vibrant colors and clear images.


Test and double down on your winners.


  1. Trigger Emotions (for good obviously)


Look for images that will trigger an emotional response. 


Joy, surprise, or even anger – strong emotions compel clicks.


Get your audience fired up.


  1. Build a Connections

People will buy your course or membership because they trust you.


Use photos of you in your ads. 


It will start building a connection with your audience.


So, tell me your favorite ways to grab people’s attention in your ads.

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