Simple Strategy to Rapidly Change Your Circumstances

If you are unhappy with any area of your life or business, here is a simple strategy you can put into action today to rapidly change your circumstances.

For me, fair or unfair doesn’t come into the equation.

No matter who you are, things will go sideways. When it does, you have two choices.

Wallow in self-pity and blame others for your misfortune or take control of your life.

Personally, I prefer option two, and if there is any area of your life you want to change, here are 4 simple steps you can take today for a better future.


  1.  Identify and create a specific image of how you want that area of your life to be like and how you will know when you have reached it.
  2.  Based on your desired state, set no more than 3 massively specific goals
  3.  Create a plan outlining the specific steps you need to talk to achieve these goals
  4.  Revisit your plan every day and work relentlessly to make it a reality


Having the ability to do this every time your life goes sideways will lead you to both business and personal success.

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