Powerful Psychological Principle To Boost Your Online Course Sales

As an online course creator you can trigger positive brand perception through associations.


This is especially powerful if you are getting started in the online world.


The Halo effect is where you borrow authority and positive attributes from others.


Here are 3 simple ways to leverage the Halo Effect:


  1. Interviews

Find people your audience respects and admires and interview them. Chop the long-form video into a series of short clips, turn the interview into a blog post, and then convert the blog post into soundbites and social media posts.


  1. JV Promotions

Most people view JV Promotions as a way of making money; however, the brand benefits of association are even more powerful. 


  1. Shoutouts

Find ways to be useful to people who are influential in your market. Go out of your way to get noticed and bring value to them. Show up and be useful and eventually you will get public recognition.

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