Optimizing the Book-a-Call Sales Page for Course Creators

Book-a-Call Sales Page
Book-a-Call Sales Page

Making headline claims specific and tangible is one of the activities I spend a lot of time with my clients.


It’s a real struggle, especially with personal development offers to give people specific outcomes.


But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.


I would love to see optimal health and peak performance defined.


The problem is OYNB can’t tell people they will double their profits or cut their marathon time by 35 minutes.


Sometimes this happens because people try to uplevel the problem they are solving and make  their deliverable broader.


It is easy to say – 

Quit Drink In 8 Weeks And Never Look Back


People don’t want to quit drinking, they want what’s possible when they quit drinking.


This is a never ending cycle, however, on the OYNB sales page the proposition is anchored in the second section where Complete Control is defined.


Perhaps even the words Complete Control could make the headline stronger as a unique mechanism.


“Discover the Complete Control Method to unlock optimal health and peak performance in your business, well-being and life in just 8 weeks.”


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