Minimalist Approach in Facebook Ads for Lead Magnets

Minimalist ad here from Stu. A minimalist ad for a minimalist funnel. 

Again, it’s almost as if this ad shouldn’t work. 

Like something a bored intern would throw together during their first week on the job.

And, yet, this ad has been running for just shy of a month. So, it must be doing something right.

The opening hook is strong. It signals who should pay attention, and it offers a desirable outcome.

Then, it skips right to the CTA.

A good hook can fill the A (Attention) & I (Interest) of AIDA. 

In this case, the D (Desire) is “scaling your membership”.

So, on a basic level, it still ticks all the boxes.

Every time I launch a Facebook ad campaign, I kick off with 3 lengths of ads.

  • Short (0 – 50 words)
  • Medium (50 – 100)
  • Long (100+)

Over multiple rounds of optimizations, my best-performing ads have always ended up either long medium or long-form copy.

But your mileage may vary.

Show short form copy some love and give this a try in your next round of copy.

Facebook Ads Swipe Files:

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