How To Sell Online Without Selling

Does the thought of selling online make you feel a bit queasy? Well don’t worry, you are not alone, and here is one simple trick you can use to sell without selling.


Let’s face it we have all had our stomachs turned online by that overly cocky, marketing bro, droning on about how great they are. 


But when you flip it and make your clients the subject of your success stories it changes everything.


When you celebrate your clients, success using your process or approach it makes it a win-win-win.


First, your clients are thrilled and motivated that you shared their success. This builds your community and motivates others.


Your audience identifies with the success stories of your clients which draws them even closer to you and your community.


And finally, by demonstrating the before and after you have subtly but strongly positioned you and your framework as what made the difference.


Remember at some stage you still need to include a Call To Action.


And speaking of which make sure you check out my other posts.

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