How To Craft Stories That Sell?

Stories are a great way to position you and your online program. But so many people get this wrong.


An effective client success story must have the correct structure. The person you choose must be relatable.


Picking a superstar or someone who achieved outlandish results will work against you. People should never be able to say well that is fine for them because they had an advantage.


Your story must build a very clear image of the before state.


The before state should include one very specific problem challenge that the hero of your story faced. This problem should be common in your audience and cause lots of pain.


The after state should paint a very clear image of how the life of the hero of your story is now better. What can they do, who have they become, what is now possible for them?


The path from the before to the after is your program or your method.


And if you want a path from where you are today to a profitable, stress-free, online business make sure you check out my other posts.

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