How Not to Write a Boring Ad

Ad optimization

Back to the funnel at hand that needs ad optimization. This is the ad that caught my eye.

  • Learn how to rewire your brain

Now you have to remember I am a convert, which brings me to mistake #1 from this easy-to-follow Ad optimization strategy.

Ad optimization Tip 1

Be specific but don’t target too narrow an audience

I believe we can rewire our brains.

I know what’s possible when people rewire their brains, and I am looking for guidance on “how to”?

I am product-aware.

As for every other offer in the world, the solution-aware group will be the smallest cold audience group you can try to tap into. 

Unless the total addressable market is massive, most cold advertising to this group will fail. 

The stages of awareness that your customers fall into are as follows:

  • Unaware
  • Problem Aware
  • Solution Aware
  • Product Aware
  • Most Aware

Your cold ads need to target potential customers in the problem and solution-aware phases.

Lot’s of people want the benefits of neuroplasticity, but they’ve no clue what neuroplasticity is.

In this case, they’ll breeze right past this ad.

Ad optimization Tip 2

Don’t focus on the vehicle, focus on the destination

There is no primary promise in this ad.

This ad in no way answers the golden question… What’s in this for me?

It’s a good advertisement for neuroplasticity, but no one wants neuroplasticity.

Everyone wants what’s possible when they have a brain that can quickly learn and adapt.

And the fact is, most people don’t even care about that level. 

They want what they will feel on the next level after that.

They want attention and applause as they sit around the campfire playing everyone’s favorite song on their guitar.

They want the big house in the hills when their business takes off, and they make millions.

They want a “fully booked practice” when they can teach their clients to achieve remarkable things by teaching them how to develop neuroplasticity.

Ad optimization Tip 3

Don’t make it about you

Yes, we want to provide social proof

Yes, we want to provide proof that our program works. 

But instead of saying how brilliant you are, make it about your clients. 

Talk about the results your clients have achieved.

No one cares if this is your number 1 best-selling course.


“Neuroplasticity: How to rewire your brain” is our number one bestselling course. Over 114,000 participants have joined us already.”

….Into (and yes, I’m going to go a little overboard, but)…

Join over 114,000 people who have discovered my step-by-step blueprint to learn any skill 242% faster, effortlessly.

From getting a promotion or building your dream business, to finding a new job or cracking your childhood dream of solving the Rubik’s Cube. 

You will discover simple steps that you can apply every day to every task to hit your goals and create the life of your dreams. 

Ad optimization Tip 4

Don’t include the price in the ad unless it’s a major selling point

Just because something is $35 doesn’t mean it is attractive to people.

Including a price in your ad should only be done if it makes it a no-brainer for people.

Let’s say you are Tony Robbins, and people know you sell a program for $1,997.

If you are selling it for $35, that is an amazing deal, and people will buy it.

Let’s say you are retargeting your email list with ads, and they know the cheapest program you offer is $1,997.

If you launch a mini program at $35, that is an amazing deal, and people will buy it.

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