5 Metrics That Can Make or Break Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

5 Facebook ad metrics you need to know to run profitable Facebook ads.


Let’s dive in.


First up, CPM. 

It is a measure of how valuable Facebook thinks your ad is and market competition.


Increasing the value of your ad decreases its CPM.


Next, Unique Outbound CTR. 


This is a measure of how compelling your ad is. 


The more enticing, the higher the rate. 1.5%-2% is a good starting target for a purchase objective.


Your On-Page Conversion metric will dictate the success of your campaign. 


How many people who hit your landing page take the action you specify? 


Spend as much time on your landing page as your ads.


Cost Per Lead, a multiple of your CPM, Outbound CTR, and On-Page Conversion. Nail these three, and your CPL drops.


Lastly, Cost Per Acquisition. Your ultimate goal is to lower this. Remember, it’s all about your offer.

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