5 High Converting Facebook Ad Opening Hook Structures

This is the #1 Facebook ad killer.


And it’s destroying your online course and membership sales.


Without an attention-grabbing hook, your ad will never work.


Here are 5 proven Facebook ad hook structures for profitable campaigns.


First, The Question Hook. Start your ad with a question, something like, ‘Overwhelmed by Facebook Ad Manager?’ It’ll hook people in!


Then, The Bold Statement Hook. Try a counterintuitive statement like ‘The Facebook Ad Manager is a nightmare.’ Get people thinking, right?


Third, The Problem-Solution Hook. Show them you get their pain, and you’ve got the solution. ‘Facebook ads not converting? Here are three simple steps…’


Next, The Testimonial Hook. Show them success stories, like, ‘I almost gave up on Facebook ads, now my business is thriving.’


Finally, The Story Hook. People love stories! ‘Mary was about to close her online business. Then she discovered this little-known Facebook ad hack.’


That’s it, folks! Five hooks to give your Facebook ads a serious lift. Try them out!”

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