5 Expert Steps to High-Converting Facebook Ads

Without this, your Facebook ad campaigns will crash and burn.


Your CPM will increase, your CPL will increase, and your CPA will rocket.


Testing is the number #1 skill you need as a Facebook advertiser.


Give me an A+ copywriter and someone who knows how to run structured tests, and I’m taking the tester every day.


Here are 5 steps to optimizing your ads with split testing


  1. Know your audience: The more you know, the better your tests will be.
  2. Set clear goals: Break the conversion goal into steps and test each step.
  3. Test one element at a time: If you test multiple elements, you’ll never know which one got you the result.
  4. Analyze the data: Use data to make decisions on what worked and what didn’t.
  5. Learn and improve: There are even lessons to be learned from failed tests.


So what are you going to test today?.

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