3 Proven Strategies to Leverage Commitment and Consistency to Drive Conversions

Commitment and consistency are two of the strongest psychological motivators.


But most 95% of online business owners have no idea how to use them.


Here are 3 proven strategies to increase your sales.


  1. Leverage micro-commitments

Ask people for free micro-commitments like opt-in or attending a free event before you ask them to buy. People want to be consistent with their previous actions, so they will be more likely to say yes a second and third time.


  1. Get people to commit to themselves

The first goal of sales is to get people to commit to their goals. Spend 90% of your time on this, and when they are ready to go, show them you have a path to follow.


  1. Get people saying yes

Whether you’re drafting ad, email, or sales page copy, get some quick yesses. If you get a nodding of the head at the start, people will be far more likely to say yes to the ultimate ask. 



It’s time to turn commitment and consistency into your secret conversion weapon. Get going and watch your online business grow!

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