3 Expert Strategies to Craft Winning Ad Copy at Every Stage of Your Funnel

This Facebook ad mistake is costing you sales.


There are 3 stages in the buying decision-making process.


If your ad copy doesn’t speak to all 3 stages, you’re leaving cash on the table.


The three stages are Awareness, Consideration, and Decision. 



Tease them with a compelling picture of their future success. Get them excited. 


Show them the ‘after’ picture of their life once they have implemented your solution. 



Demonstrate how you’re unique and why that will help them get the desired result. 


Help them answer the question – why will it be different this time? 



Help them get off the fence and take action. 


Share successful case studies and testimonials, create urgency, and offer valuable bonuses that counter their objections. 


And remember, we don’t need three separate ads. You can combine the three stages into one.


But use this framework every time you draft ad copy, and let me know how your conversion rates increase.

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