Responsive Webinar Funnel Optimization for Your Next Launch

Responsive Webinar Funnel Optimization for Your Next Launch

Responsive Webinar Funnel Optimization for Your Next Launch

Discover key strategies to optimize your webinar funnel, and maximize engagement with expert tips and techniques tailored for success.
Responsive Webinar Funnel Optimization for Your Next Launch

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Webinar Registration Page Design

Mobile Optimization

Up to 80% of visitors to your opt-in pages will be on mobile.


If you want to succeed online today, you’ve gotta think mobile first. 


I’ve been banging on about this for years.


But this is the first time I’ve seen a double hero.


When I landed on Jenna’s (desktop) opt-in page, my first thought was… boy this is cluttered.


It wasn’t until I switched to mobile view that I saw the genius of what she had done.

Mobile Optimization

The top banner of the desktop page becomes the mobile above the fold section complete with.

  • Headline
  • Body Copy
  • CTA
  • Image
  • Scarcity (Countdown timer)


And then when the visitor scrolls, they have a second hero section.


One thing that stands out when looking at the desktop version is how little space you have on mobile.


Looks like we all better get good at saying a lot with as few words as possible!


Opt-in Page Swipe Files


Persuasive Facebook Ad Journey to a Free Webinar

Persuasive Facebook Ad

Is launching a successful Podcast as easy as 3 Simple Steps?


No, of course, it isn’t, but if most people knew how hard it was, they would never try.


Is Jenna a “bad person” for painting a podcast launch much easier than it is?


No. Not at all. She knows how powerful a podcast can be in driving online business growth.


Her job is to convince as many people as possible to launch a podcast so they can have the same growth she has.


And how do you do that? You make it seem effortless.


You break it down into simple steps and give people what they want: a silver bullet.


Her job is to get people to take just one step. 


One step forward toward their ultimate goal. One step into Jenna’s world.


Because once they are in Jenna’s world, she can help them take the next step.


Create a framework, give people simple steps, and show them the shortcut.


To get them to take their first step, make it feel effortless and guarantee their success.


 Facebook Ads Swipe File


Offer page template for your next launch

offer page template

Speaking of keeping things simple.


Here is an offer page hero template for your next launch. 


Introducing Your Complete A-Z {Your Topic} Roadmap


Get my proven, 5-step stress-busting system to {primary outcome} in just 30 days.


I love the phrase “5-step stress-busting” so much alliteration and consonance.


 Sales Page Swipe Files