Sales Copywriting Secrets Revealed with 3 Killer Facebook Ads

Sales Copywriting Secrets Revealed with 3 Killer Facebook Ads

3 Killer Facebook Ads

#1. Danger Sensitive Content


I love this ad creative.

We’ve got a “secret” so effective it has been designated as sensitive. 

If you want to popularize anything, get it banned.

The second people feel they can’t have something, they want it all the more.


#2. Stories Sell


Simplicity is the key to a hot offer.


It’s easy to write ad copy for a hot offer. 


That’s because 90% of a high-converting ad comes before a single letter is typed.


  • Story Sells (So do these emails!)


In just 6 words, Bill hits the pain point, the promise, and the desired transformation.


If you run an online business writing emails that sell keeps you awake at night.


Problem solved.




#3 The 1 Page Promise


Anytime you can take something complex and distill it into 1-page, it’ll be a hit.

Especially if it is something big like productivity.

With a simple and powerful promise, you don’t need many words to get people to act.

There are few entrepreneurs who haven’t stressed over productivity.

Most systems take longer to implement than they could ever save you.

But Brendon is making it simple. Everything on 1 page.



Sale Ads: Decoding Effective Ad Strategies

Sale Ads: Decoding Effective Ad Strategies

This week’s Funnel deep dive is for none other than the big dog himself, Tony Robbins.

Tony has transitioned from a live event model to a virtual event and digital-first model. 

The first UPW Virtual event had over 30,000 people join the event.

This doesn’t happen by chance, and you need an epic funnel to hit those numbers.

That was 3 years ago. Let’s look at what Tony is doing for his 2023 UPW event.

Ad Version 1 – Long Form


Ad Version 2 – Short Form


3 Elements To Inspire Your Ad Campaigns:


  • Both ads open up with a Negative > Positive, one-two punch hook. Connecting with someone’s pain will capture their attention quicker than promising them their dream outcome. However, most people don’t like to rub their audience’s face in it. The quick transition from pain to pleasure is a good way to capture attention and lead people into your ad copy.


  • The sparing use of emojis in Ad 1 draws attention to key elements of the ad without distracting from the message. Also, look at the mix of positions for the emojis. Many ads we study place all the emojis at the start or end of the lines. This can reduce the impact of the emojis. Mix your emojis up between the start, middle, and end of sentences in your ads. This will keep your audience engaged for longer.


  • Using “all caps” can be a good way to draw attention to specific words or phrases. “FATE”, “STEP UP”, “MORE”. The human brain subconsciously scans for difference. When we see something different, we focus on it. Be sparing with your use of “all caps” however, neither Facebook nor your audience are fans of shouting. Be strategic with your “all caps” words when read together try to have them combine into a stand-alone message or instruction. Most readers will subconsciously absorb this message almost instantly. Use this to good effect in your ad copy.


3 Elements We’d Test:

  • Tony has a massive budget, so I’d test spinning specific challenges into different ads and see which ones produce the most event registrations. I’d draft opening hooks for Financial, Relationship, Career, Loss, Health, Focus & Direction. When you try to solve multiple problems in your ad copy, you reduce the impact of the message. 


  • UPW is a unique event, it solves an incredibly wide range of problems. That is fine when you have the brand reputation and authority of Tony Robbins. If I didn’t know who Tony Robbins is, I would struggle to know what I will get from UPW based on the ad copy. Neither ad describes the transformation or what life will be like for people once they return from UPW. One simple way to do this is to include testimonials from previous attendees.


  • “Adversity comes in many flavors:…”. I don’t think this is the language that most people would use. I would try some variations like – “We never know what challenges lie around the corner”, “Difficult times hit us in different ways,” “We never know our next challenge,” and “No matter what challenges you face”.