Analyzing the Tactics Behind an Online Course Ad

Analyzing the Tactics Behind an Online Course Ad

Who would have thought one of the worlds leading actors would dive head first into launching an online course.

Well, that’s exactly what Matthew “don’t half-ass it” McConaughey has just done.

And, boy, did he pull it off! 

Let’s take a look at the Facebook Ad for his pre-launch workshop.


Honestly, if this ad wasn’t by Matthew McConaughey for an event co-hosted with Tony RobbinsDean Graziosi, and Marie Forleo, I would bet good money the ad would have bombed. 

The primary promise is to turn red lights into green lights. Vague at best. 

“Creating a life that’s happier, more connected and more meaningful, and a whole lot more fun” yeah, it sounds good on paper, but we’ve heard this a million times before.

But let’s look for some positives….

  • Even though the open hook is bland, it will undoubtedly get people to nod and say yes in their head. 
  • “Imagine this: all of us comin’ together to revive…” I bet you read this in Matthew’s voice, didn’t you? While not groundbreaking, this is definitely in Matthew’s voice. It also sets up an “Us” against the world dynamic. At a time when people are experiencing more division and feelings of isolation, extending an invitation to join a movement is an attractive offer.
  • Honesty, even if counter to your argument, can trigger trust and compel people to take action. “And look, I don’t have all the answers” Extensive research on ads that pointed out the flaws of the product being sold shows they performed better than ads that only highlighted the positive attributes.