John Sweeney Case Study

JOHN SWEENEY Owner Of The Brave New Workshop, Speaker, Author, Trainer, (Huge Fan Of Micheal O’Neill!)

For the last 23 years, I lived the life of the classic entrepreneur. I bought a second-generation company and took it from four employees to over 100. Like most entrepreneurs, I was always understaffed and under-budgeted but always figured out a way to make it work, mostly by just working longer hours.

If I needed to take on new technology, I learned how to do it and did it myself. Needed to improve our physical plant, learned how to do it, and did it myself. If I needed new systems and operations to accommodate our growth, you guessed it, I learned how to do it and did it myself. I was young, and as most entrepreneurs will tell you, I made a lot of mistakes.

In March 2020, all of our businesses came to a grinding halt, we had to lay off all of our employees and break a 62-year streak of being open. It was devastating and we knew we had to once again re-create ourselves and reinvent how we do what we do.

The clear decision was that we needed to take a big part of our business and move it to the consumer digital world. We knew our products, we knew our customers, but we didn’t know anything about reaching them online, organizing our approach or executing our deliverables.


After 23 years of trying to figure things out myself I realized that I now had a chance to do things in a better way. And to be honest, I wasn’t the young man full of the young man’s energy anymore. It seemed like a good combination of being tired and being a little bit wiser.


I reached out to the best in the business and asked for advice on who could help me in this new version of what we did and on this new journey into a world we didn’t know much about. That’s when I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Micheal. I did a thorough check and clearly found that he was well respected and considered an expert. I pulled the trigger and placed my faith in his ability to help us get to where we need to go in order to sustain our company and get back on our growth path. I am so glad I did.


Micheal is an expert in the launch world! He understands the strategy, the process, the technology, the marketing, and the coaching needed for someone like me.


He is also well connected, so as what is needed increases, he quickly engages what is delivered to continue the momentum and to deliver at the highest possible quality level.


He also is a wonderful coach, that was especially important to me as I haven’t had many people tell me what I should do so I am not a great student and don’t consider myself wonderfully coachable. He is well-informed, humble, patient, and clear. He understands that fine line of what level of detail I need to make a decision and what is overkill. He provides great advice, direction and options.


He backs up his consultative approach with thoughtful and accurate data.He is truly the definition of a partner, and in no way could be considered a vendor. He is part of our team, he is part of our growth strategy, and he is a trusted advisor!


All of that would be more than enough to recommend his services but in addition to what I have mentioned, he is a person of character, a person who serves the greater community, a person who is deeply rooted in a set of values and ethics that are clearly visible in how he conducts his business and how he conducts his life.


If you are reading this recommendation, I hope you have the privilege and honor of working with Micheal someday.