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It pains me to see online knowledge business owners who have a message that could positively impact the lives of millions, but they spend the majority of their lives drafting and redrafting copy, wrangling with WordPress, fighting with Clickfunnels, wrestling with Leadpages, tearing the hair out over Infusionsoft and becoming utterly frustrated with Facebook Ads, never mind trying to get all the platforms required talking and playing together nicely.

Life is too short; your time is too valuable, and your message is too important to waste trying to become an expert in something that is not and never should be in your zone of genius.

How much money are you losing, and how many opportunities are you missing out on as you and your team sink endless hours into figuring it all out?

Worse still, what strategic decisions and business growth plans are you making based on your current technological capabilities, rather than creating the very best plan for your business unlimited by any technological or marketing limitations.

As online marketing becomes more complicated and specialized, the internal expertise required to get the results you need becomes more challenging.

someone who understands you and your business intimately,
and cares deeply about your success

Having built and managed a full-time internal marketing team, (supported by a team of external contractors) and consulted on streamlining operations for companies with much larger marketing departments, an organization plan for a modern marketing department contains at least 10 high-level functional areas with up to 25 specialisms.

In today’s highly competitive marketing environment, if you or your team are deficient in any single specialist area, it is costing you money.

Exclusively for my strategy and coaching clients, through our sister company Kelso Digital we can provide “done for you” launch and marketing implementation services.


We have assembled a crack team of marketing specialists that can be airdropped into your business and provide the support you need to ensure that your strategy and plans become a reality.

We can support or complement your existing team, share or take full responsibility for delivering your marketing and launch campaigns.

Most importantly, as everything is centralized from strategy to coaching and implementation, we can guarantee full joined-up thinking and strategic alignment. You have no more crossed wires or conflicting approaches between contractors or agencies: 1 strategy, 1 plan, all roads leading towards your stated goals.

We consider our “done for you” services are our highest level of partnership and integration with your business. We work with clients on a long-term basis to achieve long term results. Our goal is to get massive results for a small number of clients whose business success is as important to us as our own.

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