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Whether you are Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, or Jeff Bezos, the one thing that every top performer in any discipline has in common is an ongoing commitment to engaging with a dedicated 1-on-1 coach.

The online knowledge business world is filled with noise and distractions. No other industry is as rife with shiny object syndrome. One week it is live launches, next week it is quiz funnels, next week it is challenge launches. All the time, you are juggling customers’ demands with your need to churn out content, keep your finances in check and keep your team fully engaged, happy and focus on your shared goals.

No wonder even the most successful online knowledge business owner can sometimes feel overwhelmed and not sure where to turn. Second-guessing every decision, filled with doubt, especially when things are going as expected. Looking at others who seem to be cruising along with almost effortless success. Left feeling down heartened, demoralized, and questioning if they are cut out for this after all.

someone who understands you and your business intimately, and cares deeply about your success

The science behind this is clear. If you want to perform at your highest level and achieve above and beyond your expectations, you need to have someone in your corner. A co-pilot to guide you objectively along your roadmap and make sure that you are moving closer to your goals every day.

You need someone who understands you and your business intimately, who is there to celebrate your successes and support you in your times of need. Someone who cares deeply about your success and the lives of those you impact through your message.

Your success coach can’t just be anyone, however. You need someone who has been there, done that, and bought the tee-shirt. someone who has a deep and passionate understanding of business and marketing, who has lived the launch life, who has built a multi-million-dollar online business. Someone who is compassionate but also holds you to account because they believe in you, even more than you do, yourself. 


This is who I am. This is what drove me to set out on my adventure to help online knowledge business owners. There is no other business model that can create the life-changing impact that we can. My legacy will be the impact I have facilitated others achieve by coaching them to peak performance and implementing a winning plan.

Having invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in my own coaching and development, not just in the areas of online business growth marketing but peak human performance and motivation, I hope that together, through your message, we can impact millions of lives.

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