Mastering Your Value Ascension Roadmap: A Strategic Guide

Mastering Your Value Ascension Roadmap: A Strategic Guide

If you haven’t deliberately mapped out your Perfect-Fit Client’s Value Ascension Roadmap, then best-case scenario, you’re leaving money on the table. Money that your clients would love to have spent with you. Worst case scenario, you’re not supporting your community in the way that you should. And you risk losing the hearts and minds of loyal followers, who may look elsewhere to have their needs met. Your Value Ascension Roadmap is the plan that you have for a Perfect-Fit Client to achieve the ultimate transformation that you can provide, and the milestones that they will hit along the way. 

Your Value Ascension Roadmap is a graphical representation of the levels of service and interaction between you and your clients.  From your Perfect-Fit Client’s perspective the further along with the roadmap they travel, the greater the value they receive. This is normally delivered by means of increased touchpoints, live interaction, deeper levels of content, group coaching, and all the way to masterminds.  And from your internal perspective, it illustrates the increase in value to your business as the amount paid by your clients increases further down the roadmap that they travel.

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A Common Mistake Most Knowledge-Business Owners Make and How to Avoid it

With the ever-increasing cost of front-end client acquisition, it is essential that we have a reliable and scalable methodology for acquiring new clients. A mistake that many online business owners fall into is that they do not have a systematic model to convert leads to paying clients as quickly and efficiently as possible.

And not only is this risky from a business continuity perspective but it can also be extremely costly. an expensive mistake to recover from. Without a system to recoup your investment in ads, you end up at the mercy of fluctuations in new client acquisition costs which can result in mass erosion of profits. In addition, if you don’t have a Value Ascension Roadmap you are limiting the lifetime value of a new client and you risk losing clients after their first interaction since they don’t have a logical next level to ascend to. 

This can be an expensive mistake to recover from, especially when you take into account that it costs 5 times more to acquire a new client than it does to sell something to an existing client. That is why having a logical, sequential, and useful Value Ascension Roadmap that genuinely maps out a Perfect-Fit Client’s journey to the ultimate transformation that you provide, will both save you and make you money giving your business financial security.

The Dangers Of Not Having A Value Ascension Roadmap For Your Online Business

A good friend of mine had a profitable online course. Things were going great, their clients were getting massive results, they had an offer that converted and they had built great systems in their business.. They had great cash flow from their course sales, which enabled them to expand their team and grow their business. 

The business was booming and they were on top of the world …until….a big launch flopped. Now the reasons why the launch flopped were numerous and worse of all, many were outside their control. But bottom line, they didn’t get anywhere near the sales that they were expecting. With so few sales, all of a sudden finances began to get tight. So they did what anybody would do in that case, they scrambled hard and they brought forward one of their mini launches. Unfortunately, coming so close the first flop stuttered too. Now, they were in real trouble. They were running out of cash fast.

With their backs to the wall, they decided they needed to diversify their revenue streams. They released a mini-product for people they felt weren’t ready to jump to their signature product. Bingo, it worked. They enrolled lots of new clients which injected fresh energy and enthusiasm into their community. The revenue wasn’t enough to cover the losses from the failed launch but it stabilized their cash flow, and things started to look up. 

But the story doesn’t end here. They realized that if people on the front end needed this little mini-step, maybe people who had gone through their course needed additional support on the back-end. They realized that despite people having all the knowledge they needed many were struggling to implement what they had learned. They decided to launch a membership and invited everyone who had been through their course to join. This turned out to be one of their biggest launches ever.

Their clients were appreciative of the opportunity to further their journey and to learn more, plus they had stabilized their cash flow. Everyone was happy. And by the time my friend got around to their next big launch, they had an entire army of clients from the mini-product who were now ready and waiting for the opportunity to step up to the next level.

Hopefully, this example illustrates why the Value Ascension Roadmap is not just about revenue generation, but also about serving your clients in a deeper, more meaningful way, meeting them where they are giving them little steps they can follow, and always having a new level for them to ascend to as they seek the ultimate transformation you can help them achieve.

Instead of an uphill battle for you and your client, you’ve got a step-by-step process that makes your ascension process easy. And once somebody gets onto the Roadmap, they won’t want to get off.  Because your Perfect-Fit Clients need you. They need direction they need support, and they will thank you for mapping their journey out in advance.  And you will see their gratitude expressed with even higher levels of profitability and revenue for your business.

Your Value Ascension Roadmap Simplified

Whether you have a product or a membership, start by identifying the five to seven core topics that you help your Perfect-Fit Client address to achieve the transformation you know is possible for them.  Let’s say for example you are an online fitness and health coach. The core topics that you address in your course or membership could be as follows:

  1. Cardio Training
  2. Weight Training
  3. Nutrition & Food
  4. Technology & Fitness
  5. Mindset & Goal Setting

Level one, of your Value Ascension Roadmap, is your free content. For each core topic, you produce front-end content in the form of blog posts, videos, and social posts. In this case, all you need is 10/11 titles under each topic and you have a full 52 weeks of content. Level two of your Value Ascension Roadmap are your Lead Magnets.

Each one of your core topics could have a Lead Magnet associated with it. The Lead Magnet is something of real value that either delivers a small % of the overall transformation you offer or helps a Perfect-Fit Client take their next first step on your Value Ascension Roadmap. 

The Lead Magnet has to be valuable enough that someone will be willing to exchange their email address but simple enough that they will be able to gain the promised value within 15 minutes of downloading.    

This doesn’t mean that you need to have 6 lead magnets. If you are strategic with your Lead Magnet production you should be able to create Lead Magnets that cover more than one core area. A huge benefit of this is that you will now be able to promote a lead magnet with every piece of content you publish. Remember a Perfect-Fit Client should have an easily identifiable path to follow all the way from your front-end content to their ultimate destination on your Value Ascension Roadmap.

At level 3 of your Value Ascension Roadmap, you will have your initial front-end offers. If you are following my model this is the level on which your Mini-Front End Liquidator and your Mini-Priming products will live. These products are the logical next steps for your Perfect-Fit Clients to take once they have opted-in for your Lead Magnets. Again, multiple Lead Magnets can lead to a single product and your Value Ascension Roadmap continues to narrow.

The subsequent levels on your Value Ascension Roadmap are completely dependent on your business, your goals, and your personal and business strategy. With this model in place you have a fully automated organic lead generation system on autopilot and also strategic, fully aligned, revenue optimized funnels for paid channels.  Having met people in their world, connecting with the challenges and opportunities they face, with your front-end content you can then provide them with the next steps they need to take on their journey to the ultimate transformation you can help them achieve.

Continuing the example from above, picking the core topic of Nutrition & Food. You record a video and publish a blog post on the 4 Foods That Are Sabotaging Your Health and Fitness Goals. From both of these, you link to a free 7-day Meal Plan. When people opt-in for the 7 Day Meal Plan they enter an engagement sequence that concludes in an offer to sign up for a $47 mini-course on Fueling Your Body & Mind For Ultimate Sport Performance. This mini-product should then position a Perfect-Fit client for your signature program or membership which will deliver the content that they need to achieve the ultimate transformation that you can help them achieve. The levels above this are designed so that they can get the same transformation only quicker.

After identifying the levels of your Value Ascension Roadmap, the offers for each level, the core topics associated with the overall transformation, and the Lead Magnets that will move a Perfect-Fit Prospect over the line from casual observer to committed follower it’s time to put your master plan into action and create a content creation plan. 

And the best part about the Value Ascension Roadmap is that once a person steps to a new level you already have a plan in place and a process to ascend them not just to the next level but for multiple levels after that.  Your goal is to keep your Perfect-Fit Client moving up your Value Ascension Roadmap. The further they travel the greater the transformation they experience and the greater the return to you, the person helping them achieve a future that they may not even have imagined was possible for them.