4 Strategies to Increase Sales of Your Online Course


4 Strategies to Increase Sales of Your Online Course

Want to increase sales of your online course or membership? 

The biggest challenge facing online business owners is converting leads into sales

Here are 4 strategies to increase your sales conversion rate

Are you tired of not hitting your targets despite having a great digital product? The problem may not be the product itself but rather how you’re presenting it. In this thread, I’ll show you how to use social proof to convince people to buy from you.

1️. Use testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers. Showcase them on the sales page, email sequences, and social media. Prospective customers are more likely to trust you if they see others have achieved the results you promise.

2️. Display images of positive comments on social. When people see not just the words people use but the images of where they have posted, the impact is even stronger. Make sure to include screenshots of positive comments from social media.

3️. Feature media outlets that you have appeared on. People are more likely to trust you if they see reputable sources have featured your message. Display the logos of media outlets or link to articles in which you’ve been featured.

4️. Use case studies that show how your product has helped others. People are more likely to buy when they see how your product can solve their problem. Make sure to use real-life examples with quantifiable results.

By using these social proof strategies, you can increase your sales and profits from your digital products. But don’t take my word for it. Try them out and see the results for yourself!


Turning Organic Instagram Posts into Profitable Ads

Turning Organic Instagram Posts into Profitable Ads

One size does not fit all. 


Proof that there is more than one way to skin a cat this week with an interesting approach from Mastin Kipp.


Mastin is a well-known personal development coach. He has a range of online courses, live events, and retreats.


I spotted he is running a 10-day challenge from May 17th – 25th. 


I decided to investigate! 


Mastin has a large Instagram following of 280k people. 


But, I knew from an earlier funnel deep dive that Facebook Ads weren’t his #1 way of promoting his business.


Here’s what I found:


This is clearly an organic Instagram post being run as an ad. Because there is no call to action button, it is likely a boosted post. I strongly advise against this method, but that’s a topic for another day. We can tell the ad is being run solely on Instagram as it doesn’t have a link in the copy, and it directs people to Click the link in the bio for further information.


3 Elements To Inspire Your Ad Campaigns:

  • If you spend time and money creating content, why not put some ad spend behind it? One simple strategy is to take your 3 best-performing organic posts every week and put $10 – $20 behind them. It will grow your audience, following, and reach. Social may be free, but creating content isn’t. So if you calculate the cost of creating posts spending an additional $60 per week to get the most return from them just makes sense.


  • Engagement can reduce your CPM significantly. If you have a lead generation or sales ad you know will perform well, run it with an engagement objective first to get likes and comments (bonus points if you can target your existing customers). Then, use the ad/post ID in a lead or purchase conversion ad.


  • Try different things. I don’t think this ad will directly result in many Challenge registrations. However, I think it will bring many new people into Mastin’s world. If Mastin has a deliberate strategy to convert people from Instagram followers to clients, this is a great strategy. I am a big fan of following best practices…. until I don’t. If you are experimenting, do it with a limited budget and never have a financial outcome dependent on an experiment.