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L – Latest News

TikTok is testing an AI chatbot named ‘Tako’ to answer your burning questions and suggest new videos.

Plus, find out how TikTok’s bot is giving other companies serious FOMO, leading them to ban AI chatbots to protect their confidential data. It’s like watching a viral dance battle between tech giants, but with AI instead of dancers!

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Get the inside scoop on YouTube’s algorithm and why it’s time to ditch manipulation tactics.

Discover the secrets to audience satisfaction, long-term relationships, and how emerging technologies will shape the future of content discovery. If you want to crack the YouTube code and become the next big thing, this blog post is your backstage pass to success!

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The metaverse was the cool kid on the block, until generative AI swooped in and stole the spotlight.

But don’t write off the interconnected virtual worlds just yet, because they’re still kicking and ready to prove the naysayers wrong. So put on your VR headset, grab your cartoonish avatar, and get ready to explore a world that’s not quite “mehtastic” yet.

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A – A.I. For Growth

A.I. Prompt of the Week

Prompt Objective: 

ChatGPT Facebook Ad Drafting Prompt Series – Step 2

Continue in the same chat as Step 1.

Today’s prompt is: 

Prompt Outline:

I want you to act as an expert Facebook ad copywriter

My product/membership is {NAME}, and it helps people do {PRIMARY OUTCOME}.

My avatar is {AVATAR DETAILS}

Your job is to create high-converting Facebook ad copy that attracts and positions our audience so they are ready to buy our product.

Before we draft the Facebook ads, I want you to research the primary pain points of my audience.

What are the biggest challenges holding them back from getting the desired result?

List the challenges in order of importance.

Prompt Use Case

Latest A.I. Tools

Custom Market Intel

Get market research reports tailored just for you, powered by the genius of Plus AI. So go ahead, give your business the edge it deserves and let Plus AI do the market research magic for you. Because let’s face it, you’re too fabulous to settle for anything less.

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The no-code tool that automates your data collection.

Say goodbye to manual scraping and hello to accurate, customizable, and lightning-fast results. Plus, with customizable options and accurate results, you’ll feel like a data-wrangling wizard without breaking the bank.

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Unleash your creative beast and make the world go “wow” with the click of a button

It’s like having Picasso, Banksy, and Bob Ross in your pocket, ready to sprinkle artistic brilliance on your mundane ideas.So, stop scrolling and start painting the digital canvas of your imagination with Freepik’s text-to-image generator. Your talent deserves to be set free!

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U – Uplevel Ads 

From short form last week to long form this week.

Let’s look at a Paul Xavier ad for his $48, 14-Day Film Maker Course.

And boy, do these long-form ads convert. 

There are versions of this ad running since August 2022.

Paul has a big budget behind this campaign. 

These two factors tell me this ad is absolutely crushing it.

This week I will break the ad into 3 sections:

  • Countercultural or controversial hooks are a solid way to open an ad. People love an underdog. They love it when the majority get it wrong. It creates a sense of us against them, and we’re in the know. It’s like a secret handshake for a club.
  • 14 days is specific; it feels short and immediate but also long enough to learn something worthwhile.
  • Straight away, Paul dives into the program’s benefits and the specific outcomes you will achieve in 14 days.  
  • My only comment for improvement is to reduce the first block to 3 points or a single line. Cinematic videos, 14 days, just your cellphone.
  • Then we have a social proof section. Succinct and to the point. As course creators, one of the biggest hurdles we must overcome is – “I purchased something like this before, and it was crap” 
  • All 3 testimonials deal with this head-on. Not all glowing testimonials are equal. Work with your clients to get the testimonials that will have the greatest impact. Know the objections you must overcome and interview your clients to get the testimonials to address them.
  • Finally, we have the stuff and details section. Ordinarily, I leave the product price out of the ad. In this case, as it is heavily discounted and just $48, it’s worth a try and obviously working for Paul.   
  • Part of the reason I believe this works is the compelling offer. Ordinarily, I would expect to pay $198 for a course that offers all this. So when I see the discounted price, it makes it even more appealing.


N – Now Launching

The 14 Day Film Maker Program is a $48 offer.

The offer has a $19 order bump and a $67 upsell.

Being generous, that means an AOV of $60.

While Paul has a wide potential audience (targeting smartphone users), my guess is he’s breaking even at best or going negative on the front end. 

In addition to his Facebook ads, Paul has a highly engaged YouTube audience with almost 100k subscribers.

He could be using the organic sales from YouTube to subsidize his audience building from paid traffic. 

Here is a link to Paul’s offer page: 


3 Elements To Inspire Your Offer Page:

  • Offer pages don’t need to be a work of art. Paul uses 3 background colors and one call to action color. All the images are from the course content. There is nothing fancy or spectacular. He lets the copy do the talking.
  • The primary promise is simple – Learn Professional Content Creation In Just 14 Days. My only criticism of the above-the-fold section is that there is no description of the transformation. The closest he gets is – “produce cinematic & emotional videos without wasting months” This proves that if you are selling a program that solves a big problem for people (knockout offer), you don’t need to work as hard with your copy.
  • Gets straight to the proof. Similarly to the Facebook ad, Paul gets straight to the social proof. This is especially effective for low-ticket offers.


C – Conversion Psychology 

Struggling to scale your Facebook ad campaigns

I get it. You’re pouring time and money into ads, but it seems like nothing is working. 

And all those so-called “experts” claiming to have the secret formula? 

They’re full of it. I’ve been there, but I figured it out. 

Ready to learn the fundamental secrets to scale your campaigns and achieve your sales goals? I will cover everything you need to know to take your course and membership sales campaigns to the next level.

The key to success on Facebook is to focus on scaling the ads that are already working. It’s not about reinventing the wheel with every new campaign. You need to put in the work, test, and tweak until you have a winning ad formula.

Analyze your ad data: Find the ads that are driving conversions and scale them.

Create a lookalike audience: Use Facebook’s algorithm to find people who are similar to your best customers.

Use custom audiences: Target ads to people who already know and trust your brand.

Refresh your creative: Keep your ads fresh (copy & images) to prevent fatigue.

Implement the “3X3” strategy: Test t3 different ads with 3 different audiences to find winning ad combos.

Raise budget slowly: Increase your ad spend gradually to avoid overwhelming your audience.

Use retargeting: Target people who have already interacted with your brand.

Leverage social proof: Use reviews and testimonials to build trust and credibility.

Monitor and optimize: Continuously monitor your campaigns and make adjustments to improve performance.

To summarize, scaling Facebook ads is all about using data to find what’s already working and expanding on it. Now it’s time to put these fundamentals into practice and watch your sales soar.

H – Hot Take


Kinda makes sense huh….

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