Membership Sales Page Optimization

Membership Sales Page Optimization: Unveiling the Strategies

Membership Sales Page Optimization: Unveiling the Strategies

Membership Sales Page Optimization

3 Elements To Inspire Your Sales Page:


  • Quick links

There are 15 sections every sales page should have.

3 or 4 of these pages are high priority. Link to these pages from the header of your sales page.

Make it easy for a prospect to find the information they need.

Always have a header link to jump straight to the pricing block so people who are ready to buy can do so quickly.

Then FAQ’s, pricing, success path, and your bio are all possible sections to link to.


Remember as I said above, Robert only started talking about Crypto in 2020. 

His membership now has 3,500 members paying $87 per month.

$3.65 million a year in 3 years is a spectacular growth rate.

The subtle inclusion of the 3,500 members and 5/5 Star Rating is a great use of non-testimonial social proof.


  • Highlight keywords

Use bold and color to highlight keywords and phrases.

No one is ever going to read your entire sales page.

Make it easy for skimmers to understand key messages and points.

Robert does this in the headline with “Biggest Wealth Transfer”

That’s the dream of Crypto. 

Every couple of generations, there is an opportunity to get in on the ground level of something big and for the small guy to win big. (or so, the dream is sold!)

This is the primary promise of the membership.

This membership will share the tricks and hacks to create generational wealth without starting with a trust fund.

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Book-a-Call Sales Page

Optimizing the Book-a-Call Sales Page for Course Creators

Optimizing the Book-a-Call Sales Page for Course Creators

Book-a-Call Sales Page
Book-a-Call Sales Page

Making headline claims specific and tangible is one of the activities I spend a lot of time with my clients.


It’s a real struggle, especially with personal development offers to give people specific outcomes.


But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.


I would love to see optimal health and peak performance defined.


The problem is OYNB can’t tell people they will double their profits or cut their marathon time by 35 minutes.


Sometimes this happens because people try to uplevel the problem they are solving and make  their deliverable broader.


It is easy to say – 

Quit Drink In 8 Weeks And Never Look Back


People don’t want to quit drinking, they want what’s possible when they quit drinking.


This is a never ending cycle, however, on the OYNB sales page the proposition is anchored in the second section where Complete Control is defined.


Perhaps even the words Complete Control could make the headline stronger as a unique mechanism.


“Discover the Complete Control Method to unlock optimal health and peak performance in your business, well-being and life in just 8 weeks.”


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Membership Offer Page

Crafting an Irresistible Membership Offer Page

Crafting an Irresistible Membership Offer Page

Membership Offer Page

This is a Waitlist version of the offer page


What captured my attention on this offer page was the Success Path description.


Being a disciple of Stu McLaren, Patty was always going to have a strong success path.


But how she worked it into her offer page is sheer genius.


First we have the introduction:

Membership Offer Page

Memberships are a tough sell. You’re often asking people to sign up for an: 

  • undefined length of time
  • undefined amount of money
  • undefined outcome
  • undefined timeline to outcome


A success path brings specificity to what can otherwise be a very abstract offer.


Dream It – Plan It – Teach It – Grow It


Simple, but as a prospective member, I instantly know the path I will follow.


But then there is the real knockout punch:


Want to see the wins you’ll celebrate at each stage?


Many people struggle with making concrete promises for their membership.


Patty nails it in a very simple and easy to understand way:

Membership Offer Page
paid launch strategy

Paid Launch Strategy – Get Paid to Launch Your Membership

Paid Launch Strategy – Get Paid to Launch Your Membership

paid launch strategy

Who said you have to give stuff away for free to get leads?

Well, almost everyone, but that doesn’t mean you must follow it mindlessly.

And, here’s a “non-big name marketer” doing just that. 

Patty Palmer gives us a great example of how to get paid to launch your membership.

She charged a token fee of $37 for her 3 Day Virtual Workshop.

Does this mean that far fewer people register for your pre-launch workshop?


Does this mean that far fewer people will sign up for your launch?

No, not at all….

The reduction in the quantity of people in your launch will be offset by the quality of the people.

Adding friction to registration means attendees will be:

  • better qualified
  • invested in learning and taking action
  • more interactive
  • more likely to get results
  • more likely to sign up for your membership/program

That all sounds great, BUT there is a word of caution.

It places a premium on your copy and offer for the pre-launch workshop.

Now, instead of making one offer, you’re making two. 

That means two sales pages. That means two email sales campaigns.

If you screw the pooch with your pre-launch offer, you’re in big trouble for your launch.

Now, to be fair, if you do a shitty job on the offer for your free workshop, you’re also in trouble.

But because it’s free, you have a little leeway.

With a paid pre-launch offer, you better sharpen your pencil and get down to serious copywriting.

Check out the offer structure for the paid pre-launch workshop in the swipe file

Patty does a great job of positioning her argument as to why people should attend.

Whether you are running a paid pre-launch or not, this is how you should think of your launch. 

Offer Page Swipe File:


offer page template

Offer page template for your next launch

Offer page template for your next launch

offer page template

Speaking of keeping things simple.

Here is an offer page hero template for your next launch. 

Introducing Your Complete A-Z {Your Topic} Roadmap

Get my proven, 5-step stress-busting system to {primary outcome} in just 30 days.

I love the phrase “5-step stress-busting” so much alliteration and consonance.

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offer page

Avoid Common Pitfalls and Optimize Your Offer Page

Avoid Common Pitfalls and Optimize Your Offer Page

offer page

Avoid common pitfalls as we dissect Marisa Murgatroyd’s offer page, providing valuable insights for optimizing your own approach.

I hate the word “Skyrocket”. It’s meaningless waffle. 

It doesn’t give your audience any indication of the measure of the transformation possible.

Overall I am not a fan of the headline. 

It lacks any form of specificity or transformation. 

But weak headlines will be overcome when you have a large, loyal, well-primed and positioned audience.

I do love Marisa’s support and FAQ section at the very top of the page.

It’s clear one of the key questions they get is….”What is an Experience Product?”

As “experience product” is vague it makes sense to answer the question right away rather than leave it as an unanswered objection in the mind of your audience.

Offer Page Swipe Files:

Membership Offer Page

Membership Offer Page: Mastering Irresistible Sales Copy

Membership Offer Page: Mastering Irresistible Sales Copy

Membership Offer Page

Matthew’s excellent copy follows through to his membership offer page.


Simple and to the point. 

Promises his avatar the number 1 thing they want – a committed relationship.

Makes it sound simple – “What, there are only three steps?”

Provides a guarantee via a “formula”.

Highlights that people will get 3 free bonuses worth $447 when they sign up.

This is a great price anchor for a membership costing $69.95 per month or an annual sub costing $41 per month.

Membership Offer Page Swipe File:

SWIPE FILE – 0065 – Matthew Hussey – Membership offer page