How to Build a Profitable Mini Front-End Product

How to Build a Profitable Mini Front-End Product

How to Build a Profitable Mini Front-End Product

Your Facebook ad bill hit your card again. 


Were your course or membership sales higher than your ad spend this month? 


If not, you need a mini-front-end product.


Here’s how to build a profitable mini-front-end product and why it’s critical to the future of your online business. 


The cost of ads will only ever increase. New platforms start off cheap, and then as more people enter the market, the cost per result increases. With a mini-front-end product, you can cover the cost of your advertising on the front end before your credit card bill is even due.


Step 1 – Create an attractive Lead Magnet: The best lead magnets solve one specific problem. They can be consumed within less than 15 minutes. They get people to take action and make progress quickly. The outcome is one small step taken rather than 100 imagined.


Step 2 – Create a follow on Mini-Product: What’s the next step for people once they have your lead magnet? Either solve the next problem they face or help them solve the problem addressed in the lead magnet quicker with less effort. The idea price point is $49 – $99.


Step 3 – Build your sales sequence: Draft 5 part email campaign which you send people after they opt-in for the lead magnet. Focus on what will be possible for them once they own the mini-product and how that will improve their life.   


Step 4 – Build your funnel: You’ll need an opt-in page. Immediately after opt-in, redirect people to a thank you page with the mini-product offer. The email sequence sends people back to a stand-alone offer page. Tools like Deadline Funnel can increase conversion rates.


Step 5 – Launch your ads: Start with the purchase conversion. Deliver your email sequence within 7 days to help with attribution in Facebook. Get your ads to a minimum of 1.5% unique outbound CTR. Optimize opt-in page conversion to 55%. Then optimize the offer page.