The Power of Paid Workshops for Membership Launches

The Power of Paid Workshops for Membership Launches

The Power of Paid Workshops for Membership Launches

Discover the power of using paid workshops to launch your membership successfully. Learn how to leverage paid pre-launch workshops to increase the quality of leads, engagement, and conversions for your membership program. Explore strategies for crafting compelling workshop offers and optimizing your membership launch.
The Power of Paid Workshops for Membership Launches

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How to Get Paid to Launch Your Membership

paid launch strategy

Who said you have to give stuff away for free to get leads?

Well, almost everyone, but that doesn’t mean you must follow it mindlessly.

And, here’s a “non-big name marketer” doing just that. 

Patty Palmer gives us a great example of how to get paid to launch your membership.

She charged a token fee of $37 for her 3 Day Virtual Workshop.

Does this mean that far fewer people register for your pre-launch workshop?


Does this mean that far fewer people will sign up for your launch?

No, not at all….

The reduction in the quantity of people in your launch will be offset by the quality of the people.

Adding friction to registration means attendees will be:

  • better qualified
  • invested in learning and taking action
  • more interactive
  • more likely to get results
  • more likely to sign up for your membership/program

That all sounds great, BUT there is a word of caution.

It places a premium on your copy and offer for the pre-launch workshop.

Now, instead of making one offer, you’re making two. 

That means two sales pages. That means two email sales campaigns.

If you screw the pooch with your pre-launch offer, you’re in big trouble for your launch.

Now, to be fair, if you do a shitty job on the offer for your free workshop, you’re also in trouble.

But because it’s free, you have a little leeway.

With a paid pre-launch offer, you better sharpen your pencil and get down to serious copywriting.

Check out the offer structure for the paid pre-launch workshop in the swipe file. 

Patty does a great job of positioning her argument as to why people should attend.

Whether you are running a paid pre-launch or not, this is how you should think of your launch. 

Offer Page Swipe File

From Ads to a Profitable Launch

paid launch strategy

Simple hooks can work a treat.


The number one job of your hook is to get a response. 


People are conditioned to respond to questions. 


Here’s an opening hook everyone can use – “Ever caught yourself thinking this?”


The next line is crucial because it has to produce a big YES from your audience.


Another simple hook but highly effective hook is: 

“Curious about {primary desire}? But don’t know where to begin?

I like the next line Patty used. “Let’s take away the uncertainty and swap it for a plan.”

People are looking to you to take away confusion and overwhelm. To show them the shortcut.

People want to feel secure, and they are on the shortest path to success.

These two examples are far less complex than many of the open hooks we have studied.

But I am confident that these ads did great for Patty.

Oh and check out the swipe files to see how Patty structured the transformation people will achieve once they have registered for her paid launch. Top marks!

 Facebook Ads Swipe Files


Crafting an Irresistible Membership Offer Page

Membership Offer Page

This is a Waitlist version of the offer page. 


What captured my attention on this offer page was the Success Path description.


Being a disciple of Stu McLaren, Patty was always going to have a strong success path.


But how she worked it into her offer page is sheer genius.


First we have the introduction:

Membership Offer Page

Memberships are a tough sell. You’re often asking people to sign up for an: 

  • undefined length of time
  • undefined amount of money
  • undefined outcome
  • undefined timeline to outcome


A success path brings specificity to what can otherwise be a very abstract offer.


Dream It – Plan It – Teach It – Grow It


Simple, but as a prospective member, I instantly know the path I will follow.


But then there is the real knockout punch:


Want to see the wins you’ll celebrate at each stage?


Many people struggle with making concrete promises for their membership.


Patty nails it in a very simple and easy to understand way:

Membership Offer Page

Do yourself a huge favor, download and study this offer page.

There is solid gold here in creating a clear, concise, and compelling offer for a membership.

Membership Offer Page Swipe File