4 Framework Meta Ad Drafting AI Prompt For High Converting Ads

Launch Newsletter Issue #00078

Launch Newsletter Issue #00078

Hey, hey, it’s L.A.U.N.C.H., we make growing your online business as easy as tying your shoes – loop, swoop, and pull!


We’re switching up the format today. Going for the old 3…2…1… approach.


Here's what we have for you today


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3 Killer Facebook Ads

#1. Danger Sensitive Content

  • I love this ad creative.


    We’ve got a “secret” so effective it has been designated as sensitive. 


    If you want to popularize anything, get it banned.


    The second people feel they can’t have something, they want it all the more.



#2. Stories Sell


Simplicity is the key to a hot offer.


It’s easy to write ad copy for a hot offer. 


That’s because 90% of a high-converting ad comes before a single letter is typed.


  • Story Sells (So do these emails!)


In just 6 words, Bill hits the pain point, the promise, and the desired transformation.


If you run an online business writing emails that sell keeps you awake at night.


Problem solved.




#3 The 1 Page Promise


Anytime you can take something complex and distill it into 1-page, it’ll be a hit.

Especially if it is something big like productivity.

With a simple and powerful promise, you don’t need many words to get people to act.

There are few entrepreneurs who haven’t stressed over productivity.

Most systems take longer to implement than they could ever save you.

But Brendon is making it simple. Everything on 1 page.



2 High Converting Landing Pages


#1 Revive your list and increase your sales


I’m 50/50 on “better-than-tv” 

I’m sure he means people would prefer to read your emails than look at TV.

But the fact that I am asking the question is enough.

The rest of the copy is on the money, though.

“Unlimited Story Diven Emails At Your Fingertips


Plan and write entire email sequences in the time it currently takes you to write just one email.”

Great use of simple visuals, and one of the cleanest heroes I’ve seen in a long time.

This format is definitely worth a test for your next offer page.




#2 Get 3x more done every week


A self-quote will probably only work if you are as well-known as Brendon.


But that one underlined sentence is the key to conversion on this page.


It’s specific, it’s odd, it’s unusual, it’s not overhyped (100X), and it’s got me hooked.


Even if it doesn’t help me get 3 times more work done if it even gets me to 1.5X it’s worth it.



1 Facebook Ad Drafting Tip

Facebook ads are complex. 


Many factors impact the success of your campaign.


Writing copy that gets people to take action, however, is your greatest lever.


Here’s the key to writing persuasive Facebook Ad copy 


Persuasive copywriting is the #1 skill you need to develop to crack Facebook ads.


Yes, creative, audience, and setup are important, but if you give Facebook killer copy and a broad audience, you will see results. Here are 6 ways to write copy that gets people to take action. 


Craft a killer headline: Make it intriguing, benefit-driven, and focused on your audience’s pain points. A great headline grabs attention and gets them to read further.


Address their pain points: Speak to their challenges and how your product can help alleviate them.


Demonstrate the transformation: Don’t talk about benefits or features. Show people how their lives will be better. Pain a vivid picture of their future life once they have implemented your solution.


Use social proof: Incorporate stories, testimonials, and case studies to build trust and credibility with potential customers.


Create a sense of urgency: Deadlines, limited-time offers, and disappearing bonuses will nudge prospects to get off the fence and take action.


End with a clear call-to-action (CTA): Make it simple and direct. Tell them exactly what to do next to access your product.

H – Hot Take


Mark knocking it out the park once again!


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