4 Framework Meta Ad Drafting AI Prompt For High Converting Ads

Launch Newsletter Issue #00076

Launch Newsletter Issue #00076

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L – Leads

Specificity – The key to online business success

Nathania Stambouli has taken the yoga world by storm with her Yogi Flight School.


Yogi Flight School is a perfect example of solving a very specific top-of-mind issue.


Nathania teaches people how to do arm balances and inversions.


Will a beginner yogi be interested in this? No.


Will every experienced yogi be interested in this? No.


But, for a specific type of yogi, arm balances and inversions are their #1 pain point and dream. 


Yogi Flight School is exactly what they have been looking for.


Because Nathania solves a very specific problem, she can use incredibly specific language that instantly resonates with, attracts, and converts her perfect-fit clients.


The biggest trap online business owners fall into is being too broad, generic, and general.


Often, we are afraid to niche down and get specific because we’ll lose customers.


When in reality, the direct opposite is true. 


Solving a high-value, high-pain, specific issue is the key to online business success.


A lot of Nathania’s success comes down to the specificity of her front-end messaging.


Now, don’t think she only teaches Arm Balances and Inversion.


Once she has you in her world, she goes way broader, even beyond yoga teaching. 


But she keeps her front-end messaging to make sure she attracts her perfect-fit client.


A couple of weeks back, Nathania ran her big annual launch. 


Let’s take a look at her launch funnel.


Here’s her free bootcamp opt-in page.


Nathania sticks to the script with a textbook above the fold opt-in page.

  1. Pre-head – (always get FREE in there)
  2. Headline – {primary promise} without {misconception} or {frustration}
    • Nail your arm balances & inversion without more strength or years of face-planing!
  3. Sub Headline – (evidence to back up headline claim)
    • Discover the crucial principles that you don’t learn in yoga class….
  4. Image (transformation focus)
    • Demonstrate the transformation of your primary promise
  5. CTA

Observations and tests I’d run:

  1. At first glance, it looks like there are 3 headlines of equal importance. I would test moving FREE TRAINING WEEK into the logo position and reducing the font size of Yoga Ninja Bootcamp. 
  2. Saying there is a replay may increase registration but decrease live show-up rates. If it is a live class you want people to attend, don’t include this on the opt-in page. If your audience is global, then there is an argument for replays.
  3. I love the post CTA copy. It serves as body copy but reduces clutter before the CTA.
  4. I’d test adding transformation to the CTA – Yes, teach me to FLY today…

Opt-in Page Swipe Files:

A – A.I. Growth Prompts

Know your Perfect-Fit Client better than you know yourself

Getting specific on your front-end messaging requires intimate knowledge of your Perfect-Fit Client. 


Specific messaging is only beneficial when it hits your target client right in the feels.


Let’s see how ChatGPT can help you dial in your messaging.


The next few weeks will build on each other, so make sure you bookmark the chat in ChatGPT and create a working document to save the output.


Perfect Fit Client Avatar Deep Dive


I want you to act as an expert Market Researcher and client profiler.


Your job is to draft up to 3 detailed avatar descriptions for my Perfect-Fit Client (PFC).


My business helps {avatar niche/industry (e.g. online business owners)}


The number one pain point my PFC experiences is {primary problem}


I help my clients achieve {primary outcome} without {primary frustration / negative outcome}


Please draft a detailed description of up to 3 primary avatars for my business. 


In your avatar description, please outline what is at stake for my PFC if they don’t solve this problem.


Please also describe will my PFC’s life will look like when they solve their primary problem.

U – Uplevel Ads

Testing killer Meta ad hook variations


Great opening hook from Nathania; it’s short, clear, and concise.


“Imagine standing on your hands, elbows, and head with confidence.”


If you’ve been working on your arm balances and inversion practice… 


…or if you’re a yogi who has stared in awe at the cool kids in the yoga class standing on their hands, elbows, and heads, this hook is going to grab your attention. 


Effective copy is never about the volume of words. It’s about using the fewest “right” words.


But the only way to find the right words is to test.


I selected just a few of the opening hooks Nathania used in this campaign.  


When testing, the changes from control don’t have to be massive. 


The same theme with slightly different words can dramatically impact ad success.


Introducing concepts like “Yogi Flight Method” will increase curiosity and elevate the perceived value of your offer.


A unique mechanism underpins how you can help people get results where others fail.


Testing negative hooks is always a good idea. 


People will do two times more work to avoid pain than gain pleasure. 


I’m a positive guy, but the data tells me that negative hooks often get better results.


The resolution hook is always worth testing.

Right that’s it, this is the year for me, line drawn in the sand, I’m going to do it.

Observations and tests I’d run:

  • When it comes to ads, volume wins, and Nathania went all out on this campaign. (I’ve only included a small sample of the ads for the workshop above) The more ads you test, the more likely you will have a winner.
  • In the main ad I’d test moving the registration CTA from the 3rd line to below the 3 bullet points. “Secretly… your handstand and other shapes aren’t about strength…” is an interest builder. If this ad targeted cold audiences, the CTA might have been too early.
  • The text in the ad looks blocky and dense. I’m a big fan of 1 / 2 line paragraphs and adding color to break the copy up. Long sentences are harder to read than short sentences.   

Facebook Ad Swipe Files:


N – Now Launching

The free Chrome extension I can’t live without for high converting sales pages


Onto the sales page.


Straight up, the headline is hard to read. 


You are better off with no hero image than one that interferes with your headline.


I’m going to give Nathania a break here. 


I narrowed the window width to screen grab the page.


However, testing your hero in various dimensions is important.


Your hero may look perfect on your desktop, but on smaller-resolution desktops or mobiles, it may look completely different.


I use this Chrome extension nearly every day: https://www.webmobilefirst.com/.


It shows you what your landing page looks like in various formats. 


iPhone 13 View


MacBook Air View


24 Inch iMac View


My approach is design for mobile, and make sure you have a CTA above the fold on all devices.

On a sales page the CTA in the hero should bring people to the offer stack near the bottom of your sales page.

This makes sure potential customers have a good grasp of the value before they see the price.

Observations and tests I’d run:

  • This is a textbook sales page hero section. Specific tangible promise, linked to desirable transforamtion.
  • Countdown timer for deadline urgency
  • Social proof – 8,000 yogis fly upside down
  • Unique method – (I’d prefer if this was named) to get primary desire with primary frustrations.  
  • Check out the mobile view section under the video. I love “Gravity Panic” if you can label a fear your perfect-fit client has in a cool way they are going to instantly believe you will  be able to help them overcome their fear.
  • Video with a crazy face still frame will trigger people to press play just to see what is going on.

Sales Page Swipe Files:

C – Conversion Optimization

3 ways to write high converting ads in your voice

The great Perry Marshall said: 

“Marketing is merely sharing your unique perspective, expertise, and worldview in the marketplace.” 

This gets lost in all the hype of hooks, frameworks, and hacks.

Here are 3 ways to make your voice shine through in your Facebook ads.

Ads that convert come from a place of authenticity & understanding your audience’s deepest desires. But how do you make your message stand out? Let’s dive into a simple yet powerful strategy that’ll turn your ads into lead-generating machines.

1 – Know your audience: Identify their pain points, dreams & goals. Talk to them, survey them, and get to know them on a deeper level. The more you understand, the easier it’ll be to create ads that resonate.

2 – Share your unique perspective: What makes your online course or membership unique? Share your story, insights, and experiences. Make your ads a genuine reflection of the transformation you help people achieve and how it will impact their lives for the better.

3 – Know the problem you solve: Be very clear about the specific problem you solve for people and how you get them a result. If you’re making broad generic promises you’ll never stand out. The more specific you are, the easier it is for people to say…YES 


H – Hot Take

Please stop these people eating your dinner!


If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times….



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Launch Newsletter Issue #00062

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L – Leads

If you’e ever asked yourself – “Should I do a paid launch Bootcamp?”


The answer is yes.


If you’ve never asked yourself the question. Now is the time.


No one said you have to give stuff away for free to generate leads for your launch.


Sure it is easier and cheaper. 


You now need two high converting offers and killer copy for two sales campagins.


But if you’re confident in your back end conversions it’s a massive thumbs up!


And this is exactly what Amy Porterfield is smack bang in the middle of right now.


Last year Amy tested running a paid Bootcamp in the run up to the launch of her signature program Digital Course Academy.


She called her Bootcamp – Course Confident.


If we think of the journey her audience are on, I love the name – Course Confident.


People need to believe three things before they buy:

  • I can do this
  • I like you and you can do this
  • You have a proven path for me to follow


The Course Confident Bootcamp is set up to achieve all 3, as well as erradicate doubt and objections to joining Digital Course Academy.


It’s elevating people to a position where they are ready to buy Amy’s signature program.


What could you do within your topic that would achieve the same outcome?


Plus getting people to pull out their wallets and pay a small fee in advance of a bigger ask triggers one of the strongest psychological triggers – Consistency.


People need to maintain a sense of consistency with their previous decisions. 


People who buy anything from you will be more likely to buy from you again.


The Course Confident Bootcamp was priced at $47.


But the real beauty in Amy’s approach is that Amy doesn’t just limit herself to selling to people on the Bootcamp.


She also does a traditional webinar launch of Digital Course Academy directly after the Bootcamp.


That means she has a group of highly qualified ready to buy people coming through the Bootcamp. 


And then with the free masterclass she also picks up all the people who didn’t commit to the Bootcamp.


Sometimes people are looking for a solution but they feel that a $47 bootcamp won’t solve they problem they face.


Below are two of Amy’s facebook ads for Course Confident:


Swipe File:

A – A.I. Growth Prompts

Prompt Objective:

You can never obsess over your Perfect-Fit Client too much. 

(unless you are using it as an excuse not to launch. ALWAYS BE LAUNCHING!)

Today we are going to do a 3-Part Perfect-Fit Client Deepedive.

This is an exercise I get my clients to do on a regular basis. 

And yes, even those clients who have breezed through the 7 figure mark years ago.

You are guaranteed to discover a new pain point or challenge and it always prompts a fresh angle for an offer or opt-in.

Prompt Outline:

Perfect-Fit Client A.I. Deepdive – Part 1

I want you to act like a world-class copywriter performing market research to better understand your audience. 

I want you to create a perfect-fit client persona profile for:

[Product/Membership Description] 

That helps [Brief Perfect-Fit Client Description]

Achieve [Dream Outcome]

Include Demographics, Psychographics, Main Challenges, Values, and Motivations of this buyer persona. Include key emotional drivers and powerful language. Give the Perfect-Fit Client a real name so it’s easy for us to refer to them.

Perfect-Fit Client A.I. Deepdive – Part 2

Thank you. 

Now tell me their top 5 most difficult challenges and 5 deepest fears [Perfect-Fit Client Name] has around finding the perfect [Product/Membership]. 

And what will happen if he/she/they doesn’t address the problem? I don’t want boring surface-level answers. Give me the deepest fears that [Perfect-Fit Client Name] likely wouldn’t admit out loud unless nobody else was listening. 

What is he/she/they afraid of the most? What causes him/her/them discomfort? What causes him/her/them pain and anxiety? What does he/she/they worry about? What keeps him/her/them up at night?

Perfect-Fit Client A.I. Deepdive – Part 3

Thank you. 

Keeping all of these challenges and fears in mind, write a 700-word journal entry from the perspective of [Perfect-Fit Client Name].

U – Uplevel Ads

Do yourself a favor. 

Hop on over to the Meta Ad Library and check out Amy’s recent ads. 

It’s awesome to see the big names go all out with their ad campaigns.

But here is one in particular that caught my attention for.

This ad is prompting Amy’s free Masterclass which was scheduled directly after the pre-launch Bootcamp.

Masterclass Facebook Ad Strategy

The opening hook straight away starts answering objections to launching a course:

  • Easy
  • Low-stress
  • Without big budget
  • Without big team

This is a great way to grab attention.

Then Amy goes into the big questions that people ask when considering creating a course…

(and if you don’t have real questions check out the A.I. Prompt above!)

“How will I find the people who need this course?”

“What if the tech is over my head?”

“What happens if I go through all of the trouble of creating a digital course, but no one even wants it?!” 

Then the resolution:

  • Not alone will I answer the question I’ll give you a NO-FAIL PLAN.

I now push all my clients to develop a workbook or guide to support their live launches.

This satiates people’s need for immediate gratification. 

People don’t like delaying the dopamine hit. 

This gives them something to hang their hopes on while they wait for the live element.

Swipe File:

N – Now Launching

Brave move here by Amy, counter to what 99% of the big names do.


She has offered people free access to Module 1 of Digital Course Academy during her launch.


course launch

Amy knows her content is top-notch, so she isn’t worried people will see it and not like it.


The risk is people will get in for free and then get stuck in implementation mode or get overwhelmed before the cart closes.


Obviously, Amy has thought about this, so I would imagine that she has moved most of her old Pre-Launch Content into Module 1 or made this module heavily mindset-focused.


This is the first time I’ve seen a big-name launcher do this, so hat tip to Amy.


She is a model for trying new shit. I’d love to see this crush for her.


I’m not the biggest fan of Amy’s Offer Page headline.

It is generic and bland. 

Now don’t get me wrong, Amy’s launch will gross over $5,000,000.

But she and her team are copy geniuses, and I expect more.

Revenue simplified doesn’t mean anything.

And people don’t lie awake at night in pain wondering how they will “untie their earnings from their hours”

Yes, I know the point they are going for that that isn’t how people would talk about the problem they are facing.

But hey, when you’ve put in the pre-work with your audience and build anticipation and desire with a killer Bootcamp and Masterclass, your headline doesn’t have to shoulder all the burden of conversion. 

Swipe File:


C – Conversion Optimization

 Want to guarantee the highest ROAS from your Facebook ads?

If you’ve ever felt like your throwing ad $’s into a black hole…

…here are some simple steps you can take to get the best possible return on your ad spend. 

The Facebook Pixel is a game-changer, but most people don’t know how to set it up to get the very best results. 

The Pixel is your secret sauce for optimizing your conversions and ad performance.

Step 1️: (Obvious but important) Install Facebook Pixel on every website page.

Step 2: Install the Chrome extension – Meta Pixel Helper to test the Pixel is installed

Step 3: Create custom audiences for your domain, key website sections, and landing pages

Step 4: Set up the Facebook Conversion API

Step 5: Set up and prioritize your standard Facebook conversion events

Step 6: Create custom conversion events to track specific desired actions on your site.

Step 7: Link your custom conversions to Facebook’s standard events

Step 8: Create custom audiences based on your conversion events

Step 9: Create custom audiences from your customer and email lists 

Step 10: Set up offline events for lead and purchase events

Step 11: Upload conversion data to offline events weekly to feed info back to Facebook 

Step 12: Use retargeting and lookalike audiences to leverage your conversion data

Sometimes we forget the basics. 

Implement these 12 steps to build a solid foundation for your ads. 

The game is tough enough without unintentionally playing it in hard mode! 

H – Hot Take


The funny thing is you don’t need to study philosophy to figure out what you want.


15 minutes every day with a journal is more than enough to figure out what you want.


Another 60 minutes learning the strategies and tools you need to get you there.


And the rest of the day implementing to make it a reality.



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