Sales Page Optimization Techniques to Maximize Conversions

Sales Page Optimization Techniques to Maximize Conversions


Brian and Scott Moran of Samcart are in the middle of a launch for a new online course using the Samcart digital content platform. 

Samcart has long been known as a popular way for digital creators to sell products and collect cash online. 

In the past 6 months, they have added the ability to host digital content for memberships and courses.

As a good online business does, they sat back and asked themselves: 

  • What is the biggest challenge facing our Perfect-Fit Client
  • What is the one thing which if we could solve for our Perfect-Fit Client would help them move forward?
  • What is the one thing holding our Perfect-Fit Client back 
  • What would a Perfect-Fit Client need to believe before they purchased our primary product (Samcart)?

But that isn’t why I am sharing this sales page today. 

Look at the very top of the page. There is a menu bar that lays out the format of their sales page.

Look how clear they make the thought process for their audience:

  1. The Problem with Traffic
  2. The Truth About Traffic
  3. Traffic Solutions For Creators
  4. Let Me Show You How It Works
  5. What You Get
  6. FAQ

If you want an outline for an effective sales page……. there you go.

Change just two words:

  • Traffic – what you are offering
  • Creators – who you are offering it to

….and you have an outline for the narrative of your sales page.

Sure there are other sales page elements like:

  • VSL – Video Sales Letter
  • Testimonials / Case Studies / Social Proof
  • Bonuses
  • Offer Stack
  • Call To Action
  • Guarantee 

But this is a great way to think of the journey that you want people to go on through your copy.