Proven Tactics for Course Creators' Book-a-Call Funnels

Proven Tactics for Course Creators’ Book-a-Call Funnels

Proven Tactics for Course Creators’ Book-a-Call Funnels

Discover proven tactics to optimize book-a-call funnels for course creators, driving conversions and maximizing sales opportunities. Unlock strategies to enhance engagement and boost your business's growth potential.
Proven Tactics for Course Creators' Book-a-Call Funnels

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Persuasive Facebook Ad Tips for Course Creators

Controversy gets attention.

And no one causes controversy on Facebook and Instagram like Aleric Heck.

Aleric has a YouTube ad agency and coaching program.

And he loves pointing out that YouTube Ads are superior to Facebook Ads on…..

Yep, you’ve guessed it Facebook and Instagram.

Let’s dive into one of his ads.


Then we move into the body of the ad.


This is where things start hotting up. This section is clear, concise, and compelling. Each point is an answer to an objection that someone may have getting started with Facebook ads. 


More stuff isn’t the goal. It’s how you layout your argument and leave no objection unanswered to make saying yes a “no-brainer” decision.


But the creative is where this ad comes alive…


First Aleric positions the audience: COACHES.

I’m not a fan of including “Attention Coaches” in the first line of ad copy, but I do like calling them out directly in the image.

And then the hammer blow – YouTube Ads Beat Facebook Ads Everytime.

This is highly evocative, especially as the ad is on Facebook. There is no question but this ad is going to draw lots of attention and comments.

Facebook ads Swipe File

Optimizing Your Book-a-Call Funnel for Conversions

The ad above leads people into a book-a-call funnel for Aleric’s YouTube Ads coaching program.

Let’s start off with the opt-in page.


Simple single-screen structure with all info above the fold.


Headline, body copy, form, image, and CTA. AKA my favorite layout.

Remember, the goal is to get qualified people to book a call.


Including the phone number and industry will reduce the on-page conversion, but it will increase the quality of people entering the funnel.


I love the “Free Bonus Gift”. 


Remember, people don’t know they have entered a book-a-call funnel.


Aleric positions the call as the free bonus. This is a wonderful reframe, which will work a treat. 


On the next page, Aleric tells you the Free Bonus is worth $850. 


He doesn’t disclose this on the landing page, as he doesn’t want people who are only interested in getting $850 of free stuff.


Remember, people don’t know that the free bonus is a strategy call yet.


On the final step of the funnel Aleric tells you what your $850 free bonus is….

….A YouTube Ads Implementation Call with an Advisor.

At this stage, Aleric has 

From Step 1:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Mobile
  • Business type

From Step 2:

  • Current monthly revenue
  • Desired monthly revenue
  • Monthly ad spend

Even if people don’t book a call at this stage, they have more than enough info to follow up and make a compelling case for you to sign up for their coaching program.

Oh wait…… I have to dash…… my phone is ringing…. I wonder who it could be!


Book-a-call Opt-in Page Swipe Files