Optimize Your Course Sales Page with Ad-ons

Optimize Your Course Sales Page with Ad-ons

  • The 14 Day Film Maker Program is a $48 offer.

    The offer has a $19 order bump and a $67 upsell.

    Being generous, that means an AOV of $60.

    While Paul has a wide potential audience (targeting smartphone users), my guess is he’s breaking even at best or going negative on the front end. 

    In addition to his Facebook ads, Paul has a highly engaged YouTube audience with almost 100k subscribers.

    He could be using the organic sales from YouTube to subsidize his audience building from paid traffic. 

    Here is a link to Paul’s offer page

  • https://www.contentcreator.com/14-day-filmmaker-fb 

3 Elements To Inspire Your Offer Page:

  • Offer pages don’t need to be a work of art. Paul uses 3 background colors and one call to action color. All the images are from the course content. There is nothing fancy or spectacular. He lets the copy do the talking.
  • The primary promise is simple – Learn Professional Content Creation In Just 14 Days. My only criticism of the above-the-fold section is that there is no description of the transformation. The closest he gets is – “produce cinematic & emotional videos without wasting months” This proves that if you are selling a program that solves a big problem for people (knockout offer), you don’t need to work as hard with your copy.
  • Gets straight to the proof. Similarly to the Facebook ad, Paul gets straight to the social proof. This is especially effective for low-ticket offers.