How to Get High-Quality Leads on Facebook

How to Get High-Quality Leads on Facebook

One of the biggest names in the game is winding up for a big launch.

From the 17th to 31 August, Jeff Walker will deliver his hotly anticipated PLF Launch.

More on that below, but a key topic Jeff will address during his launch is A.I.

And, more specifically, how to leverage A.I. for bigger, easier, and more profitable launches.

So from the end of July, Jeff has been running lead generation ads for his A.I. Launch Playbook.

This is a genius move. Driving registration for a launch too far in advance is pointless.

However, filling your list with people who are interested in a topic that you are going to focus on during your launch is a win-win.

Jeff gets low-cost, high-quality leads on Facebook that are aligned with his launch and time to build trust.

The leads get immediate gratification for a top-of-mind problem and will be brought even deeper during the launch.

Let’s dive into the ads:

Leads on Facebook

The allure of A.I. is dominating the headspace of online entrepreneurs all over the world.


When there is a wave in your industry, you best ride it.


The opening hook of the ad works because there is so much awareness and hype around A.I.


“Get my BEST AI prompts, shortcuts, & strategies…


… to launch & scale your business here:”


I like getting a link to the opt-in page early in the ad. 


I have found that ads with medium-length copy outperform short-form ads.


However, there are lots of people who won’t read longer form copy.


Putting your link high in the ad gives you the best of both worlds. 


You get an early CTA but provide additional information to convince people who need that little bit more.

One of the keys to writing engaging copy is making your sentences short.


When I can’t make a sentence less than 1 line, I love using “…” to break the sentence into two parts.


This approach is overused in this ad. The continuous use makes the copy hard to read.


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