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L – Leads

Here at L.A.U.N.C.H. we believe simple is beautiful.


And, it doesn’t get any more simple than this Taki Moore “book-a-call” funnel. 

{Sidenote: The full funnel is built on GoHighLevel. I’m using GHL with several clients and I love it. More and more people in KnowledgeCom move to GHL. Watch this space!}


Let’s take a “taki” look at the opt-in page:

“book-a-call” funnel

Immediately you are hit with a big social (results based) proof claim. 


151 coaches have used this to cross the $1million mark since 2011.

You might not have as big a claim to make but what claims can you make.


The more concrete the better – “151”, “+$1m”, “2021”.


They say a picture paints a thousand words and it’s definitely true in this case.


What’s in the picture is not as important as demonstrating you have a system or process.


Attract, Convert, Deliver is hardly rocket science but stick a few ™’s around sexy titles and you are off to the races.


And then, just cause you can’t leave it to chance… 


Taki spells out exactly what you get when you watch the 6 min demo.


3 highly desirable outcomes – clients every day – 80% close rate – 2 offers for recurring revenue


Just 61 words in total.


Opt-in Page Swipe File:

A – A.I. Growth Prompts

Prompt Objective:


Ever worry about running out of content creation ideas?


You might have 99 problems but after today worrying about what content to create ain’t one. 


Prompt Outline:

Part 1
I’m going to train you to become an Idea Generation Machine.


I will give you the topic and the incentive, and 30 different proven approaches for headline ideas. 


And you will give me back 30 written headline ideas exclusively for that same topic & incentive but applied in 30 different ways.


Are you ready for the topic, the incentive, and the 30 different approaches?


Part 2
Pick your incentive from the list below:


…To Get Started {Skill}

…To Learn {Skill}

…To Master {Skill}

…To Overcome {Problem}

…To Unlock {Outcome}

…To Streamline {Process}

…To Get Your First {Outcome}

…To Achieve {Big Outcome}

…So You Don’t {Worst Outcome}

…To Hire Your First {Employee}

…To Buy Your First {Valuable Asset}

…To Sell Your First {Valuable Asset}

…To Make Your First {$X}

…To Build Your First {Product/Company}

…To Improve {Task}

…To Scale Your {Business}

…To Pitch Your {Idea}

…To Help You Fix {Problem}

…To Teach You {Solution}

…To Create The Perfect {Product}

…To {Do More} Without {More Work}

…To Make Progress On {Goal}


Topic: {topic} 


Audience: {audience} 


Incentive: {Choose Your Incentive} 


30 Proven Approaches: 



























Data Points




U – Uplevel Ads

When used properly the PAS Framework is as sweet as Luo Han Guo.  


What’s PAS? – Problem Agitate Solution 


And, don’t forget when using PAS in your ads to stick a CTA at the end!


No sour faces here in L.A.U.N.C.H. HQ when we reviewed Taki’s ad copy this week.

Facebook Ad to Book-a-Call Funnel

Identifying problems people are facing isn’t negative or manipulation.


It’s meeting them in their world and showing them you understand.


Being able to put your finger on your audience’s top of mind pain points is a superpower.


As a coach I can either relate to or fear everything in Taki’s opening list.


A ninja trick Taki could use to scale is to draft a unique opening hook for each pain point.


This would give Taki 6 ads from one. Run them head to head and scale the winners.


Ok back to the copy….


People are lazy and they get comfy doing what they’ve always done.


If you want them to take action you can just rely on pointing out their pain points.


That’s where the agitated part comes into play. 


If you don’t solve your problem this is what the future could look like. 


Fans of Tony Robbins will recognize this from his Dickens Process.


Once we have people invested in eliminating their pain points we then show them the solution.


I love how Taki has ™’d The System…. Really, I’d love to see you argue that.


But most people confuse ™ with R. You can stick ™ after anything to make it look important.


And this isn’t an hour long webinar. It’s just 6 minutes. Even better. 


“I’m going to see everything I need to solve all my issues and build an unstoppable coaching business in just 6 minutes. Sign me up….”


As silly as it sounds, this is what people want. So give it to them. 


Make it easy for them to take one step forward.


Facebook Ad Swipe Files:


N – Now Launching

book-a-call opt-in page

The ultimate in simplicity. 


Headline, 7 min video and a button to book a scale session.


The bulk of the video are case studies of coaches Taki has helped cross the +$1m mark.


Before people take action they need to believe you can help them, you have a process, and they can achieve the outcome you promise.


Case Studies are a fantastic way of ticking all 3 boxes.


Opt-in Page Swipe File:



C – Conversion Optimization

Is picking the perfect Facebook Ad objective holding you back from launching? 


We’ve all been there. You’re set and ready to go. You log into your ad account…


…and doubt starts setting in.


Which objective will work best?


Here is a simple approach to get you moving 


If you are interested in growing your online business, there are only 3 objectives you should be considering >>> 

  1. Engagement/Video Views (Top Of Funnel)
  2. Lead (Middle Of Funnel)
  3. Sales (Bottom of Funnel


You invest time, effort, and energy creating content. Why not invest a small amount in pushing that content to a wider audience? Run engagement objective ads with your top-performing posts. You can retarget people who engaged with these ads lower in your funnel.


Creating retargeting audiences with the Video View objective is one of my all-time favorite audience-building hacks. Promote 30-50 second videos to broad audiences with the ThruPlay objective and then retarget people who have watched 75%+ of the video.  


If you want to drive people to a landing page to opt-in for a lead magnet, then use the Lead objective. Yes, the traffic objective may seem cheaper in the short term, but Facebook will send low-quality traffic to your opt-in page. We want Facebook to send us high-quality traffic.


If you want people to make a purchase. Even if you are driving them to an opt-in page first and then offering them an upsell or putting them into an evergreen sales campaign, then use the Sales objective. This objective unlocks Facebook’s highest-value audience.


These are the only 3 objectives you need to attract high-quality leads that convert like crazy so you can profitably attract new course and membership subscribers and scale your online business. So let’s make it rain….

H – Hot Take


Are you a Cereal Entrepreneur?


If you don’t laugh..…. Magic Spoon


(because it couldn’t be my sense of humor!)

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