Opt-in Page Masterpiece – From Lead to Launch

Opt-in Page Masterpiece – From Lead to Launch


The headline is far from the strongest proposition.


“Get the A.I. Edge… In Just One Click”


I don’t know what the A.I. edge is, and while one click tells me it is easy, it’s not either my:

  1. My primary fear/pain/challenge
  2. My #1 goal/dream/ambition


The fact that the topic is A.I. will more than make up for this, and the rest of the copy is sweet.

The subhead is where the magic kicks in. 


I’d love to see a test using the first line as the headline and changing the second line to – Get your proven….


Jeff delivers the A.I. Launch Playbook on the thank you page.


This is an interesting deviation from standard practice. 


If I was reading between the lines, they value the consumption of the lead magnet over inbox placement.


This may be because they plan to retarget opt-ins with ads to register for the upcoming masterclass, but they want to make sure people have consumed the lead magnet in advance.


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