Ad Performance Optimization: 5 Steps to Grow Your Business

Ad Performance Optimization: 5 Steps to Grow Your Business



Not getting the leads and sales you want from your Facebook ads


Tired of seeing your competitors crush it while you’re stuck in the mud? 


Here are 5 steps to profitably grow your online course and membership business 


Facebook Ads are still the #1 way to scale your online business. While we love TikTok, YouTube, and Google Ads, Facebook is still your best bet. Yes, it’s much more difficult than it was 5 years ago, but with the right approach, you can win big.


Step 1: Start with a clear goal. How many leads do you want to attract, how many sales do you want to make? Remember, we can’t directly control the results. Include input and output goals in your plan. Set goals for the actions you will take as well as the results.


Step 2: Define the problem you solve. Knowledge of your audience is key. If you are not solving a #1 top-of-mind, major pain point for your audience, they will ignore you. When you can guarantee to solve 1 massive problem for your audience, that’s when campaigns take off. 


Step 3: Write ad copy that speaks to the pain. When we demonstrate we understand the problem our audience face, they will also believe we know the solution. Identify the problem and then paint a vivid picture of what their life will look like once solved.


Step 4: Use eye-catching visuals to capture attention. People are bombarded with thousands of ads a day. What can you do to stand out? The goal of your visual is to stop your perfect-fit client scrolling. It buys you a split second in which they read your headline.


Step 5: Test, test, test! Create multiple versions of your Facebook ads and test them against each other to see which ones perform best. At the end of each test, create multiple  variations of the winning ad and repeat the process.