Facebook Ad to Quiz Funnel

Optimizing Facebook Ad to Quiz Funnel: A Comprehensive Review

Optimizing Facebook Ad to Quiz Funnel: A Comprehensive Review

Facebook Ad to Quiz Funnel

The AIDA copywriting technique is employed beautifully here.



The language is a bit wooden for my liking. 


“Discover the path to regain your power over your drinking habits in 8 weeks”


Often simple copy will convert better.


“Discover the simple formula to control your drinking habits in 8 weeks”


In this case I think the second paragraph would serve as a better hook.


What if I told you could control your drinking habits WITHOUT saying goodbye to your beloved wine evenings forever?



Introducing stats, figures, studies or intriguing approaches will capture people’s interest.


Especially if it demonstrates how they can avoid their primary pain or achieve their desires.


We can also see the positioning kick into full force here with “we’ve assisted 100 ambitious business-owners, entrepreneurs”


This could be made even more appealing by including an odd number like 107 or 197.


The word over makes me question if they have indeed helped a hundred people or do they even know how many people they have helped.



The desired section will normally be the longest part of your ad.


Here you can introduce short client success stories or as the OYNB team did explain what these 100+ people experienced.


You want to position yourself as a guide but I never like seeing the word “guide” in ad copy.




As an experienced guide who has empowered thousands of women worldwide




I’ve helped hundreds of women all over the world shift their relationship with alcohol and I can assure you….



I’ve found that including in copy links will increase your outbound CTR. Don’t leave it to the very end of the ad to include a link and don’t rely solely on the “Learn More” button.


Within the AIDA framework I like to include a link early in the copy after the Interest section or early in the Desire section.


Many experts argue that in the age of TikTok people don’t read copy and that short ads are the way to go.


I disagree, nearly all of my best performing ads for knowledge commerce are medium to long form.


However, if someone reads the first line of an ad and is ready to go, I want them to see a link and click it. 


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