Webinar Registration Page Optimization for Maximum Impact

Webinar Registration Page Optimization for Maximum Impact


Hands up who loves a clean and simple webinar registration page. Here at Kelso Digital we are huge fans of clean. Stu sticks to the proven blueprint here:

Inspiration for your opt-in pages:

  • Stu follows our 5 Part Landing Page Formula – Headline, Sub/Pre Headline, Body Copy, Image & CTA
  • Selective use of bold draws readers’ eyes to certain points. When done correctly you should be able to scan the headings and bolded words and be compelled to register.
  • We like to keep bold sections to 3-4 words max. Remember their purpose is to help people quickly scan.
  • In text heavy pages like this I would also bold the following words – $100 billion – opportunity – selling and delivering digital products – incredible innovations – amazing results for you
  • By just scanning the headline and the words listed above, if you have a course or membership, you should be sold on attending.
  • Stu uses the trusty 3/5/7 in the heading. Specificity will drive conversions.

What we’d test:

  • I’m a huge fan of Stu’s and this isn’t his best funnel. 
  • The text on the page feels too blocky and hard to read.
  • Our 5 Part Landing Page Formula encourages people to use 1-2 lines of text and 3-4 bullet points to get your message across. Yes, you have to work harder to condense your message and keep its punch but you will be rewarded with higher conversion rates
  • The Register Now button is small and tucked away in a low eye traffic part of the page.
  • We would test flipping the image and the copy to opposite sides of the page
  • The blue button also blends in with the page. I would make this brighter so that it stands out more. Remember branding has nothing to do with on page conversions.