Lead gen mistakes

Lead Gen Mistakes – How Not to Generate Leads

Lead Gen Mistakes – How Not to Generate Leads

This week instead of teaching by example I am going to show you the lead generation mistakes to avoid.

Normally L.A.U.N.C.H. features a big-name marketer with a funnel to die for. They have killer hooks, awesome ads, seductive opt-in pages, and A+ offer pages. I do the analysis and give you 3-7 key elements you can implement in your funnel to reduce your lead generation cost per lead and  increase your conversion rates and ultimately make more $$$$’s.

There I was searching for a killer funnel to review when an ad popped up – 

  • Learn how to rewire your brain

As a marketer I am obsessed with psychology and the brain so I was instantly hooked.

Into the funnel, I dove. 

On the surface, it looked the part. 

But the further I explored, the more cracks I discovered 

It was then I realized this is the poster child for KnowledgeCom funnel mistakes.

So let’s get stuck in.

Lead gen mistakes

Now this opt-in page is not part of the funnel, but it is available as a link from the hero section of the website’s home page.

Lead generation tip 1

If you’re launching an opt-in page please make sure it’s on your domain.

In this case, we can see they are using ConvertKit to host their opt-in page.

If you are going to invest in ads please make sure you spend the 10 minutes setting it up so your opt-in pages display on a custom domain, to make sure you increase your lead generation success rate.

It’s a small thing but these little things mount up.

ConvertKit is okay as a starting platform, but it is very limited

ConverKit has taken the creator world by storm. 

Having worked with a number of clients who use ConvertKit, its landing page templates are limited and it doesn’t have a build-from-scratch option.

Before you invest in ads, invest in a landing page builder that is fit for purpose.

Lead generation tip 2

Formatting is important

The headline shows promise – 7 things about the brain I wish I knew When I was younger.

This is a variation of the popular Twitter kook- 

  • 7 things I know at 40 about the brain I wish I knew at 20

But for the love of god, please watch the capitalisation of your headline. 

Either go with proper caps or all first letter caps. Don’t just stick one random capital letter into the headline.


Lead generation tip 3

Making it about your prospect

I’m into Neuroplasticity. 

I’m interested in it, but I don’t care about it. I care about what it will help me do.

I care about it because it will help me learn and adapt quickly.

But that isn’t why I really care about it. 

I care about it because it will make me a better guitar player and business person.

It will help me make more money. 

It will help me achieve my goals faster and give me more time to sit on the beach sipping a pina colada (if that’s what you are into!)

This opt-in page leaves me completely cold.

I don’t know who Gregory Caremans is, and I don’t care about his journey.

When someone looks at your ad, all that is going through their head is…..

What’s in this for me? 

How does this solve a major pain point for me right now? 

How will my life be better once I have this?

They don’t care about Gregory’s stagnations and regressions.

In the words of Jerry Maguire, “Show me the money”

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