The problem with Direct-to-Offer Ads

The problem with Direct-to-Offer Ads

The problem with Direct-to-Offer Ads

Do you always need to run ads to a lead magnet?

No, absolutely not.

But if you’re running cold traffic to a paid offer, you better have your ducks in a row!

Here at LAUNCH, we love front-end mini products.

The method we teach our students looks something like this:

Ad > Lead Magnet Opt-In > Mini Product Upsell > Profit Maximising Upsell

The beauty of this model is if someone doesn’t purchase the upsell, you still get their email.

Think of an email address as an asset.

Even if you don’t make money straight off the bat, you’ve got plenty more opportunities.

Driving paid traffic to a cold offer is a much more challenging play.

Even if your offer page converts at 10%, 90% of people slip through the net.

And remember a 10% conversion rate on an offer page is off the charts.

On the other hand, a high-converting opt-in page could convert 60%-70% of visitors.

So why would someone consider sending cold traffic to an opt-in page?

Well, by simplifying the funnel and process, you make it easy for people to buy.

And with a direct offer, you can tailor your ad copy to the offer. 

This will result in a higher conversion rate than when we make the offer on the lead magnet upsell page.

My advice for mini products is to test and optimize your offer, driving people to a lead magnet first.

Once you see a strong upsell conversion rate, test sending people directly to the offer page.